Biotique Kelp Hair Growth Protein Shampoo {Product Review}

I am a big fan of the skin care line by Biotique but the hair care line is more of hit and trial. I have used the Biotique Musk Root and it was fab. I have bought the Henna powder but did not use it yet. And, I also have the Watercress Conditioner which is amazing and I also bought the Mountain Ebony Hair Serum which I am not sure I like or not. The shampoos overall have not impressed me at all. I have used the Green Apple, Walnut Bark, Soya Protein and Kelp (which I am reviewing). And, none of the shampoos have really impressed me. The reason I bought Kelp was that it doesn’t have any SLS as opposed to all other shampoos which has SLS.

Price: 159 INR for the bigger bottle
My Experience
This is probably one of the few shampoos in the market which doesn’t have SLS in it. So, I was very much attracted to the product. But, unfortunately, my experience with the shampoo wasn’t so great. It did clean my hair thoroughly but left it feeling squashed and limp and I wasn’t at all satisfied. It felt a little rough and dry too. I am not sure it will suit oily hair coz I think it will leave it looking completely limp. So, overall a disappointment!! I also wanna get rid of the shampoo (any takers :D).
My Recommendation
I would not recommend any of the Biotique shampoo to any one. Their masks and scrubs are amazing but the shampoos are not at all good. A sad thing for me to say coz I really love the brand!!!


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh dear! I was really looking forward to your review of this shampoo. Looks like I will have to continue to dilute my SLES shampoo!

  2. Divine Blush says

    Does it meant for Straightened Hair dear.. Bcoz in the label it is mentioned as protects perm..Am willing to change my shampoo now am using Matrix Opti care Full of chemical.. I want to try something full of herb for my permed hair.. From ur blog i hv ordered Watercress Conditioner from biotique.. Thank you dear.. You have kept an pull stop for my Conditioner hunt.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      it says its for permed but I don’t really think it will have any affects on straightened hair coz it really doesn’t have any chemicals. Its the chemicals which affect the perms I guess.
      Oh, you have used watercress so did you like it???

  3. Amee Ansari says

    M using the Biotique Heena Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner,,n they works very well for me,,,n even i got couple of complements from my frnds for shiny black hair :)

  4. Anonymous says

    I tried this and it was great for me. My hair fall reduced by almost 90% and have seen lot of new hair growth :). Very happy that I had tried this.

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