Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil {Product Review}

So, confusion about the ingredients in Biotique products has always existed. Similarly, it exists with this one too.
Price:135 INR for 210 ml

Rai Tail (0.5%), Badam Tail (1%), Neem Tail (0.5%), Til Tail (5%), Arandi Tail (7%) [castor oil], Dudhal Mool Kwath (1%), Ankurit Gehun Satva (2%) [Wheat Germ Oil], Vegetable Oil (Base)

As you can see above, there is no mention of avocado any where in the ingredient list and whats up with vegetable oil??? Which vegetable oil or is there some standard oil called ‘Vegetable Oil’? When I searched for it, the wiki gives a list of oils which includes almost every edible oil.
My Experience
This smells mainly of camphor. No camphor in the ingredient list. The oil feels cool on the body as opposed to warm being a massage oil which I am not sure if it is meant to feel like that. There is no drawback as such but I did not like the oil very much and I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone for any purpose.
My Recommendation
Doesn’t make sense to write this review coz I don’t really have anything to say about the product but I have written it coz I wouldn’t recommend any one to buy this one coz it really does nothing frankly so its a waste of money. You can probably go for carrot oil in place of this though I haven’t used that one and I have no idea how it is.


  1. Anonymous says

    i have used or have been using some of their products. But i always wondered about the ingredients, that’s the biggest issue with biotique they don’t mention the ingredients even if they do its incomplete.

  2. says stay away..thanks for the review swati..I like Khadi oils..have used one..its quite light n nice..Auravedic ones found a lil thick bt has awesome ingredients incldng cow’s milk..!!

  3. says

    I haven’t tried Khadi oils…the products are not available in Hyd :( will have to try in Delhi or somewhere…lets see…yeah I know many products these days are coming with cows milk and goats milk in them….would love to try one like them :)

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