Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel {Product Review}

Another of the Neutrogena products from the hotel accessories. No idea of the price and availability again.
It does have SLS and parabens and whole lot of other chemicals.
My Experience
It has an exhilarating fragrance which really wakes you up. The fragrance is not natural but it has a citrus scent which is not very strong to irritate but enough to stay for the entire time you take bath and a little afterward. The gel foams a lot and cleanses well but can be a little drying sometimes so not a good gel for winters. It can be drying for dry skin in summers too but will suit the oily skin well. It doesn’t leave any film on the body. Also, very little of the shower gel is required for the entire body. I need only 5 drops for my entire body.
My Recommendation
A good shower gel if you don’t mind SLS and parabens.


  1. says

    hey Jiya…how could I miss such a great giveaway…I had taken a long time deiciding on what exactly I wanted from the site coz I was really confused…there are so many awesome things afteral!!! fingers crossed :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Onion juice helped me a lot..i am regaining my hairs
    and my hair fall has reduced from 50 hairs/day to 10 hairs/day.

  3. says

    hi…my hair fall is increasing day by day, and i have dandruff, shall i use onion for my hair? and can i use olive oil with it?pls reply me………………………..plsssssssssssssss……… my mail.and my mail id is

  4. says

    hi…iam honey. my hairfallis increasing day by day.and i have dandruff, shall i use onion for my hair and with olive oil?pls rly me as soon…………….

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati

    I am Nish 31 years old, I am also experiencing hair loss problem since last 1 year. I have read many positive reply using onion juice and want to try the same but I have some doubt :
    1) we have to use every day or once or twice a week is enough?
    2) can i add onion juice with 1tsp of my regular hair oil which is the mixture of (almond oil, bhringraj oil , amla oil and cocunut oil) and 1 tsp honey and then apply it . OR can i apply hair oil before and then apply onion juice only on my scalp.
    3)Does applying onion on your scalp will dry your hair.
    4) can i apply conditioner after shampoo it.
    5) it should be applyed only on scalp so what to do with the length , should i seperately apply hair oil on my lengths because if i wash my hair without oiling it tends to get dry.
    6) can i apply hair oil before and then apply onion juice only on my scalp
    please give the answer and help me.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati

    I m Priya,24 years old. I have lots of split ends and my hairs are thin too.plz suggest how i can cure split ends becz i don’t wanna cut my hairs.

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