Neutrogena French Milled Soap {Product Review}

Another of the hotel goodies :) I love to collect stuff from the hotels. It is like a therapy for me when I see my closet full of the hotel stuff!!! Do you ever collect your hotel goodies???? Ok. so I searched for this soap in Neutrogena’s website too but couldn’t find it. I am not sure if you would get this product. Anyways, I am still going ahead with the review. Of course, no idea about the price again.
One of the few soaps which doesn’t have SLS or SLES in it (sorry for the bad pic!!!)
My Experience
I have this soap in 15gms size and it is lasting me for about 8-10 baths so the soap is not one which melts away. It is definitely moisturizing and doesn’t let the skin dry out. Since it summers and I don’t like to put body lotions as the humidity is also increasing, I leave my skin after my bath to breathe as much as it can and my skin has never felt dry or dehydrated after using this soap. And, it doesn’t even leave a film on my skin as some soaps do. I am not a big fan of soaps coz most of the soaps dry me out. The only soaps I like are Camay Classic and Yardley and this is one new added to the list.
My Recommendation
Do get one of it if you find it anywhere on the counters. It is really a good product.


  1. Anonymous says

    collecting you mean buying, Neutrogena is definately a worth trying brand.
    Does it smell good? thanks for the review.

  2. says

    @Rakhshanda yeah it is a good one :)

    @Raz yeah lucky me my dad goes to hotels pretty often :) he has recently got Amatra products too…it is a spa I guess…btw you know it doesn’t really smell like anything….it has a very faint smell which is obvious if you put it under your nose otherwise you it is a non-smelling product!!!

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