Milk Powder Face Pack {DIY}

An amazingly hydrating face pack for all types of skin except acne prone skin.
  • Milk Powder (2 small pouches or 2-3 table spoons)
  • Rose Water
Method: Mix the ingredients in a small bowl. Pour very little of rose water and make a smooth paste. The consistency would be very watery and thin. Apply a thick layer on the face and leave it on til it dries. After 15-20 minutes, the mask starts to harden gradually (it takes a little time) into a white layer on the face. After the complete mask hardens, remove the mask by taking a little water and gently scrubbing it off. Wash off and moisturize.
The result is a supple and brighter skin which feels extremely soft. The mask is so gentle that it can be applied daily.
  • You can use any liquid in place of rose water. I used my Rosemary – Black Pepper toner.


  1. says

    I love milk on my face. I used to have a friend who did milk mask every week and she had really smooth skin. I tried it for a couple of months, improved my complexion. Unfortunately, I got lazy after that. LOL.

    Oh btw, I’m recently having an MVO face screen giveaway. I remembered that you wanted to try it out so you might want to give the giveaway a try. :)

  2. says

    hey Vivi…yeah milk is amazing but I prefer to use raw milk instead of milk powder…I had some packets so decided to use them like this :)
    yeah, I already saw your post on the giveaway so participating in that..fingers crossed :)

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