Makari Creme Clear ACNYL Cream {Product Review}

I could not review this because I do not suffer from breakouts regularly but recently a few days back, I felt a painful bump on my neck so I thought of giving this cream a try.
Price: 3000 INR (though I am not very sure)

Has Parabens but which product doesn’t have them??

My Experience

I used only one sample (5 ml) and it lasted me for around 5 days and that too I used in excess. It is a very thick cream and very little is required to cover the face and neck. And, the best part is that the bump disappeared within two nights of application.And, I had stopped using the cream after the bump disappeared but the bump did not come back. So, yup, it is definitely an amazing product for people who suffer from acne. It doesn’t make the face sticky though the cream is little creamy in texture but applying the right amount of cream doesn’t make the face oily.
My Recommendation
It really helps the problem skin so if you can afford it, you should definitely try this out!!! And, you can also look in their site for information on entire range of products they have.PS: Samples sent by brand for consideration. 


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    hey swati..I used it on a zit and the mark left..did lighten a I use it as a night cream like anshita..I liked it that way try :)

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    hey Bhumika…my skin is not prone to breakouts and all so I used it as a day cream and night cream both for two days and the bump went off!!! I think I was getting acne cyst again which doesn’t leave any mark on skin unless tampered with and it went off without complain :) but I am keeping the other samples in case of future breakouts otherwise its too difficult to treat them na :)

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    @Anamika yeah..they are definitely on the higher side but they are definitely effective…have to hit a jackpot to use these products on a regular basis :)

    @Rentu yeah…its a good cream for problem skin :)

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