Lush Gorilla Perfumes – Short Description {Product Review}

I went to Lush today and was very curious about the perfumes launched recently. So, I asked for the Tuca Tuca and Imogen Rose sticks to try them out. So, the sales girl applied one on one hand and the other on other hand.
Price: 600 INR for Tuca Tuca and 1200 INR for Imogen Rose (approx)
My Experience
Well, you might end up hating these perfumes if you take a sudden whiff because it has a unique raw wild smell which completely assaults your nostrils. That happened with both the products though Imogen Rose was less strong in notes as compared to Tuca Tuca. And, so, consequently, I rushed out of the shop as soon as I could coz I hated it and thought who makes perfumes like this. I am not much of a perfume fan and don’t really like strong fragrances and Lush has really strong fragrance. So, now, I am sitting in front of my laptop writing this post after around 2-3 hours of my visit to Lush. So, what’s my final verdict?
Well, I have been constantly inhaling the perfume and in the start, it was really a pain to inhale because of the wildness of the smell. But, after an hour or two, the notes of raw and wild fragrance fades and the perfume smells just like itself.
So, Tuca Tuca is really strong but a happy fragrance. I can’t describe it but I really liked it. Ok, this fragrance is so strong that your nose would be impaired to smell anything else. It stays for really a very long time so no worries on that point. It is violet in color.
Imogen Rose is pretty gentle and is not strong at all. It leaves a faint fragrance of Damascus Rose. I feel that this probably might not stay for so long as Tuca Tuca or the fragrance which comes from you would be really subtle.  This one is a light pink in color.
I washed both my hands with water and Imogen Rose got washed off leaving a very faint fragrance but Tuca Tuca still has very strong notes.
My Recommendation
Give yourself sometime to like it. It will definitely not be an instant love but it will probably be a permanent one. I loved the Tuca Tuca so do try it out and don’t forget to wait for an hour or two before you decide and I think I would definitely try out the Imogen Rose again and also would give a try to other two I left out. I tried the sticks but next time I’ll probably go for the sprays. They might be a little different in their notes.
PS: This post was written day before yesterday at around 2:00 P.M. 

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