Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer {Product Review}

The moisturizer is supposed to be followed after the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth and Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Before starting on with the review, I would like to say that my skin reacts very differently to the moisturizers as opposed to other skin care products. They either make me sweat or leave me dry. I don’t know why my skin behaves so errant in case of moisturizers. You must have seen a conspicuous absence of reviews on moisturizers except Dabur Gulabari which I liked more as a hand cream and Auravedic Facial Skin Repair Moisturizing Lotion which suited me quite well but only after quite a few hit and trials as I have mentioned in my review.

And, to write this review, I have taken almost a month because I was confused whether I liked the product or not. Many hit and trials were again in the order because I simply didn’t feel like writing it off and I sincerely believe that moisturizers are something you can’t give an instant opinion on. Kindly check for the prices and other product information on the Liz Earle website. And, I am also very grateful to Andrea for being so patient with me and allowing me so much of time to post my opinion on the product.

I have the smaller sample version of 15ml so the ingredients are not listed. So, I shall just mention the ones which are key ingredients: Borage and Avocado Oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and Natural Vitamin E.
My Experience
I have the moisturizer suitable for combination/oily skin. Since I have told that the skin tonic was too heavy and felt sticky on my skin, so when I followed the moisturizer, my skin had become sticky and oily. And, to top it, I had taken out a very huge quantity of the product so overall, my first time was a disaster. Then, in the consequent uses, I understood that only a half pea size amount of the product is actually necessary for the entire face and neck. But, I could still not continue using the moisturizer on the skin tonic. So, I started using it with simple green tea. I sprayed green tea on my face and followed up with the moisturizer.It felt very light on the skin and not at all sticky. It made my skin soft and supple and kept it that way till the next wash whether applied in the morning or at night. I am not sure of the repair it had done on my skin coz my skin is just as it was. But, probably it did preserve my skin coz lately I haven’t been eating and sleeping properly at all (which is a very bad thing!!!) and still my skin feels soft and chubby like it was. But, the fine lines under my eyes are just like they were and not sleeping properly is not really helping them so I am not going to blame the moisturizer for that. Though, I had the oily skin variant of the moisturizer but I felt it was a little heavy for my skin otherwise nothing wrong with it. May be I am using a bit more than what I should.

My Recommendation
Yes, it is a nice moisturizer but price is a downfall!! And, you would love it once you come to know the amount of moisturizer you need for your face and neck. A bit more and it will become heavy otherwise you wouldn’t feel like you have applied anything on your skin which is something very few products can do.PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.


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    hey Bhumika…yeah a little bit more and it makes the face greasy but applied in the right amount its really nice :) better than any in the market I have tried till now!!!

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