How to treat Sunburns? {Skin Care}

Well, I know that summer is long past in Hyderabad but apparently Delhi is still very hot. Now, this is an impromptu post which I am putting up coz my dad just faced a sunburn yesterday after being exposed to the sun for a long time. So, what should be done to avoid and cure sunburns.
Avoid Sunburn
  • Always apply a sunscreen of spf 30 or higher when you know that you would be in the sun for a very long time. Don’t forget your sunscreen even if you are going ot the hills. You can get easily burnt in the hills as compared to plains (except beaches where there is a lot of sun rays reflection which are equally bad) simply because the rays of sun are much more damaging on the hills because of the distance from sea level.
  • Wear proper clothes and try to keep all the areas covered specially the sensitive regions like the neck and back.
  • Always carry an umbrella not matter how many layers of clothing you have put on yourself.
  • Try to be in shade whenever you can.
Now, I would also mention that sunscreens are meant to prevent skin cancer but you skin can still burn or get tanned so do not rely completely on the sunscreens.
Treat Sunburn
  • Apply cool things like ice packs. If ice pack is not there, apply cold water. Just pour it over the body. Don’t use a wash cloth or a sponge. Leave the sunburnt area to maximum air and make sure the air is cool.
  • Wash the sunburnt area immediately with cold water and do not rub the area at all. In fact don’t touch the area. Avoid using soap on the affected area and do not apply any moisturizer or astringent or toner too even if they claim to have cooling properties.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid irritation and aid proper air circulation.
  • Take a soft cloth and soak it in cold milk and cover the sunburnt area with the cloth for 30 minutes or so. This provides relief.
  • Aloevera gel is extremely cooling so always carry aloevera gel in your toilet kit no matter where you go – on the beach or on the hills. It is useful for cuts and nicks too.
  • Sandalwood paste can be applied to the area but be careful to just tap the paste ont he area. Don’t rub to spread it.
  • Slices of cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon can be used.
  • A paste of mint leaves also helps in cooling the skin.
  • A paste of apricots is also helpful.
  • Spraying green tea or taking a green tea bath (mix green tea in bath water) is also helpful as tannins in the tea helps control inflammation of the skin.
  • Do not scrub the sunburnt areas even if you feel they have healed. Give it two weeks at least to heal properly and a week more to ensure there is no sensitivity. Stay out of sun in the mean time.
Food for Sunburns
Not only the remedies but diet is also very important to speed up the recovery.
  • Eating a proper balanced diet is very important.
  • Drink lots of milk and fluids.
  • Increase the intake of Vitamin C and E, betacarotenes (found in carrots and all orange and yellow colored vegetables and fruits) and Zinc (peanuts, dairy products, beans, brown rice and bread, potato, yogurt and pumpkin seeds).


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    Really nice post, I relate a lot to this as I get sun burnt myself very frequently. I find applying either a 10% vitamin c soln or a zinc oxide cream brings down the redness & inflammation quite rapidly. I personally don’t like using Aloe Vera gel, coz the few times I have used it the past, it dried out my skin & made it worse.. but then a lot of ppl swear by aloe vera so I know it is working for them… 😀

  2. says

    hey Tanveer…thanks a lot for the tip :) shall post it!!! I am kinda two-minded about aloe…I like using it on hair than face personally but it is definitely cooling so it can be applied on the sunburns but yup you are right…it does stretch and dry the skin….once I had applied it and it had completely stretched my skin :( and since then, I stuck to using it on hair!!

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