How to apply onion juice on hair {Hair Care}

Very long back I had done a post on onion for hair growth. So, I had mentioned that I had been facing hair fall in the months of November to January and gradually my hair fall did reduce after using the Biotique Musk Root hair pack. But, my hair had thinned to quite and extent so I recalled that I could use onion juice remedy. So, I used it every time I used to oil my hair and my hair thickened visibly within 15 days.
How to use onion for hair?
An easier way to use onion juice for hair is to mix it with the hair oil. I grated onion and squeezed the grated onion to extract the juice. Yes, the whole process is a little difficult coz it stings the eyes badly and onion does stink badly too :( So, mix onion juice with hair oil. You can mix in the proportion of 50-50 or 75-25 for onion juice-hair oil. Both would not mix properly coz juice is watery and water and oil don’t mix well so shake the whole mixture well while applying. Start by applying the mixture on the scalp first properly and then apply to the complete hair. It will stink a lot definitely but trust me results are definitely worth it. Using essential oils may be useful in reducing the stink of onion so you can try that. Another advice I can give is to use rosemary essential oil too (5 drops per application) coz Rosemary is amazing for hair growth.
You can also do a hot oil treatment using this mixture every time you are about to wash your hair. You can keep this mixture overnight or for at least an hour before shampooing off. Another thing I would mention is that do not worry about the onion stink remaining in the hair coz it gets washed off while shampooing and conditioning the hair. So, don’t worry about that. You can also mix onion juice in the hair packs you use weekly. It also helps with controlling hair loss.


  1. Shruti says

    Thanks Swati for answering my query so well.
    I tried this yesterday and kept it for 4 hrs then washed off.
    Yes, it stinks but went off after I applied juice of squeezed lemon in water as a rinse.

    • says

      hai swathi..

      How many days i have to continue this method..can i apply twice a week… and how long should i keep onion juice on my scalp…. please reply

      Thanks & Regards

      • simran grover says

        Should we use onion oil daily..nd wash r hairs daily I am having patches on my head ..soo plz suggest mee

        • simran grover says

          Should we use onion juice daily..nd wash r hairs daily I am having patches on my hairs..plz suggest me

    • says

      my age is 25yrs,i am losing my hairs since last 2yrs.nw i lost more hairs infront .so what to do for regrowth hair? ca i get lost hair back?
      can i use methi seeds paste,castor oil/almond oil mix and onion juice for alternative i am use methi paste and castor /almond oil mix weekly twice..can i use onion juice for hair growth?
      may i use this treatment for hair regrowth on lost place?can it worth,
      what to do for regrowth lost hair (regrowth hair on bald place) pls help me find solutions…

    • kashish trivedi says

      your tip is awesome but we apply baking soda after apply onin juice ur first we,aply onion juice then wash with soda. what do plzz tell

      • says

        Hi Kashish. you have to apply onion juice 30 min prior to washing the hair. baking soda is applied to wash the hair. and, please remember not to use baking soda more than once or twice a month! hope this helps :)

  2. says

    Hello Swati,
    I was having severe hairfall couple of months back. May be coz i was changing shampoos…or diet falls…..a friend of mine suggested i use Trichup hair oil and gradually my hairfall has become less and thanks for that friend. I also read about onion to the hair..but did not know how to use…and after reading your post am tempted to do it…i will certainly try and let you know the results. And how frequently do you use this!!

  3. says

    @productqueen even I love doing DIY’s :)

    @Shruti yeah the smell goes off and glad that I was able to help you…do tell me about the results after about 15 days or a month :)

    @Dhanu I have heard a lot about Trichup…even I am getting tempted to use it but I am not suffering from hair fall…I just wanna grow my hair and I donno how much this oil will help!!! I did this twice a week for just 15 days so only 4 times and results were worth it :) do try out the onion method and let me know the results :)

  4. says

    Do try trichup oil even to grow your hair…its safe.
    Although i donto have much hairfall now..I was so tempted to use this onion juice on my hair….yes it ws stinking badly and when i apply first on my scalp…for initial few seconds i had a itchy feeling…and it ws ok later. Tell you what…i just loved this experiment!! Thanks for sharing it swati!!!

  5. says

    hey Dhanu…yup I have heard a lot about Trichup oil…if you say that it helps with hair growth too…I shall try it next :)
    yeah onion juice stinks badly but I have no idea why your scalp felt itchy…may be it was too strong for your scalp!!!

  6. says

    hi i am 22 yrs old and my story is naturally i had very beautifl and long hair but 5 yrs back i went for hair straightnning and tht effected my hair so badly that i anot lost oodles of hair but also got a visible baldness in the center of my hair so plz sggest me some good hair remedis to get hair on baldness.

  7. says

    hey Ayesha…since you have baldness I would suggest to go for professional treatment…go to a good dermatologist and ask for consultation…some things are best left to doctors!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    thanks for the tip…. what kind of onion (white or red?) my hair thin noticeably….. when i go to salon to get haircut after they blow dry it out it use to be nice & you can see a lot of volume but now flat…. even though i can tell they tried so hard to make it look fuller =( i think it got more to do with stress than anything else….

  9. says

    hey…any onion will work though red has more sulphur content so it should be more effective!!! yes, stress does affect hair growth adversely so you can try yoga or meditation to control the stress levels in the body!!! make sure to exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes…it definitely helps with stress!!!

  10. dalin says

    Hi…i wanna share this good news… I tried this onion (red) on my husband since he got
    hair problem badly…today is exactly 10days and i can see the small hair that start growing and we are so happy..i apply twice a day to him without fail..when he go to work i will apply the onion juice with abit of honey so it will kill the smell but at night i will just put the juice only.i will massage his hair with a piece of onion before i put the juice for the fast reault as i believe when i massage the scalp it will help for the juice to get inside the skin really happy to see all the little new hair and cant wait to share more in future…tq

    • Anonymous says

      hi dalin.. jus wanna kno,do you really apply onion juice twice a “DAY” in your husband’s hairs??what about head wash,does he wash his hairs daily in the morning?? is it safe??
      pls guide me..i also wanna try this… thnx..

  11. says

    hey swati,
    I ‘m 21 years old . . I ‘m suffering from adverse hair fall problem even i use large gap comb which is used by girls generaly. . As many persons use to say me that in future i got bald by viewing my hair thin n texture . My hair are not dense. So please let of tell how to regain new hair , make thick and also denser . .
    And how to apply onion juice and for how long days . this technique z used
    I hope u understand ma problem . . I’m very sacred . .

    • says

      apply the onion juice to the scalp. you can mix it with hair oil or apply it alone. you can keep it for one hour to overnight and wash off with shampoo. do this till your hair grows back to the desired density. hope this helps :)

  12. Susan says

    Hi I am African American and we’re not supposed to wash our hair often. I have found that putting mustard oil on after the onion juice helped te smell alot. My only question is: is it ba to appy the onion juice morning and night for a week straight before washing it out? Or should I wash it out daily? For example: apply in the Morning..leave it in, then apply at night…leave it in…then wash in the morning and do the routine over again?

    • says

      hi Susan, it really stinks badly and scalp treatments are best done on clean scalp so I would suggest you to do this two -three times a week. that way you wouldn’t need to wash your hair many times either. hope this helps :)

  13. Tariq says

    Hi Swati,

    What’s the difference between using pulp and juice? I used a juicer and made it into a paste and apply like that. What are some easy ways to get juice out of an onion? Sorry, my bachelor life is limited in kitchen experience!

  14. Anonymous says

    hi. I”M using onion for hair. Every night, over night…i add some alcohol for better smell…. Why does my hair fall out? Sorry for bad English….jusha

    • Anonymous says

      One more question please: Onion Extract: is it ok to use it? I can make it or buy it….what do you think?!

      Thank you!!!! jusha

    • says

      no idea about the onion extract or refrigeration of the onion juice coz I have not tried it.
      but, do not add alcohol to onion juice, it will dry out the scalp and probably that’s why your hair is falling!!!

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you soooo much!!! I wont use any alcohol again. You are my safer, it wass scarry when my hair fall out :( sorry for bad english! jusha

  15. Bob says

    I tried the onion juice twice a day, every day, for two weeks, but I had to stop because of the smell. It didn’t bothered me, but no one could stay near me when it was hot outside and I was sweating just a little. I tried different oils, vinegar, salt, rubbed the head with a stainless steel spoon:|, shampoo, but nothing. What do you do to mask/reduce the smell? I can’t have a social life with that smell following me.

    • says

      use it two-three times a week and keep it for an hour and wash it off with a shampoo!!! you can also use essential oils in your shampoo or the onion juice like lavender or rosemary. do not go overboard with onion thing because it obviously smells a lot and secondly, going overboard will not really help!!! hair takes time to grow back and it will take time anyway.

    • Chandni says

      Hey i am 25 yrs old and i am having grey hair from last 1 year i used garnier hair colour but when i read your blog i thought to use it from last 2weeks i used onion juice (4 times) i found more grey hair want to know is there any side effect or it just clean that old hair colour which i used?

  16. Anonymous says

    Hi, i have very thin hairs at the front & center. How much applying onion will help me in regrowing hairs ? I have used it 5 times now in 2 weeks. Should i use it more regularly ? Also, i apply the onion juice made by mixer directly on scalp , is it ok ?

    How long will this procedure take to hairs to grow & become thick?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      this will take time to grow hair!!! continue it for a month and you should see some difference but if you want noticeable differences, it will take around 4-6 months!!! 2-3 times a week is enough.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Swati….i will try to use to length of 6 months & hopefully it will work. Does it work for everyone or it’s like only few people benefit from Onion juice ? Also, i feel kind of dryness or whiteness after applying Onion ? I’m not sure whether existing dandruff is coming off or new is coming.

      Thanks again.

    • says

      hmmm…generally it doesn’t get dry but if your scalp is already dry, it can get drying probably so mix the juice with oil or apply it on the scalp after oiling your scalp thoroughly!!!

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi, I used to apply bhringraj oil for hair growth 2 yrs back. I worked wonders initially for 6 months but after i moved to other place, my hair started thinning again. It’s ok now & no hairfall, but i want to grow my hairs full again.

    Can i use Bhringraj & onion juice on alternate days as i don’t have much confidence on mixing them. ??

  18. roy says

    Hi Swati,

    Read the write up on onion juice..Very informative. Liked the simple style too…anyhow I am suffering from severe hair loss..have a patch of absolutely thinned out hair on the crown of my head..not a bald patch but very very close to bald patch with just few strands of hair remaining on the spot..I am from Kerala, 35 years of age, male….started losing hair very early in life but the hair loss has been aggravated over the last month or so with the “miracle” oil of kerala….Indulekha oil gold…really bad hairfall after using this oil much so that colleagues+ started commenting on my “relatively” bald patch…anyhow hope I have understood clearly on how to make this onion juice…..
    To use about 1-2 onions and we cut it down to a size as how we cut down onions for making salads…and then squeeze them to remove the juice…and then add the juice along with some hair oil preferably rosemary oil…apply it to scalp first and then entire hair…few specific questions:
    1. What type of onions do we use? Big red onions???
    2. How long do we need to keep the mixture on the hair? (leave it on the entire night and wash it in the morning. Entire night means about 6 hours)
    3. What shampoo to use to wash away the mixture? any safe shampoos that can be used which will not further aggravate the hairfall?
    4. Is Rosemary oil available in India? If so which brand sells it?
    5. Will the shampoo remove the stink that comes with onions?

    Hope to receive a reply soon and for my sake I hope it helps gudness the oil was one big blunder..Once gain very informative writeup on onion juice and I like the simple yet informative style of information that u have presented here…Ciao…

  19. says

    how to use onions is clearly written in the post above so you can check that out.
    1. any onion will do. red is preferable.
    2. you can keep it as long as you want, overnight if you like.
    3. any shampoo will do, one which cleanses hair properly. yes, a good shampoo removes the stink as well.
    4. I bought rosemary essential oil from moksha lifestyle.
    or, you can also buy it from soulflower

  20. ashna says

    hello,i am ashna 19 years old.i hav problem of hair thinning all around my scalp such that my scalp is visible.the condition is getting worsened day by day,it started round 3-4 yrs ago.be4 that my hairs were 2 thick.i took Ayurveda and aloepethic treatment(minoxidil) but did not got any one dr. suggested me for mesotherapy but i cant afford it.So should i use this onion juice remedy,will it help me………….??
    plz do help me as i am scared of this baldness…
    do reply fast as soon as possible

  21. Anonymous says

    hey….. Hi….. My age is js 18….. and my hairs are getting grey nd evn quite thin!!! nd being a girl I’m really worried bout it!!!
    Can u js let me knw…. if applyng onion vil nt mke my hair go more grey???

  22. Anonymous says

    Ummm….. 1 more thing….. Actually i hv vrrryyy less hair in the frnt region of my head….lyk near d partion …… Its not a bald patch… bt js a few stringz of hair are left!!!! So i shud apply onion juise to whole of my hair or js on dis particular area…???

  23. Anonymous says

    hi swati
    my name is anuradha. i am suffering from hair loss from last few months. i wanted to ask that what i do is in night i apply coconut oil on my hairs, and in the morning half hour before doing shampoo i apply onion juice and then i wash my hairs with shampoo and conditioner…is this the right way…plss suggest ….i am very fond of long and healthy hairs..but i m vry upset with my hair growth

  24. tarunmehra1987 says

    hiiii swati

    tarun; i am 24 year old… plz help me tell me how to use daily or weekly me ne shampoo and conditioner use krna band kr diya hai kaphi tym se bcoz darta hun k hairfall or na dar se me shampoo bhi use nhi krta.. or hair wash bathsoap se krta hun wo bhi week me 1 tym me onion daily use krun

    • says

      first thing shampoo is not responsible for your hair fall. bath soap can cause even more hair fall in fact. if u have a lot of hair fall, I would suggest you to contact a dermatologist. its important to cleanse the scalp so don’t forgo the shampoo. if you don’t want to use SLS based shampoos, you can go for soulflower shampoo bars. I have heard good reviews of it:

  25. Anonymous says

    hi swati
    anuradha : i am just 17 years old …i dont have so much time for all this …i have a very busy schedule. what all can i do is hot hair oil massage and apply onion juice twice a week….just tell me that will this be effective for my hairs.

  26. sathya palanivel says

    My head is quite longer.Is that any possibility to make hair on that for bringing small.Please Reply

  27. roy says

    hi swati….started the onion juice application. Lot of hair is falling off….I am hoping it will normalize soon…it has been exactly 1 week..but I have a using shampoo daily okay. I am using Himalaya Protein is free of Parabens, silicone and SLES….the product is advertising daily use..anyhow since I am doing this onion juice daily….I have to shampoo is it okay??

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi,

    I used to have good volume of hair, but from the past month , I see a lot of hair loss, which makes my scalp little visible. I am not sure what caused the hair loss all of a sudden. Could you please give me any suggestions of how to avoid the hair loss and regrow the hair.


  29. Anonymous says

    Dear Swati
    I am reading your post for the last 2 months. I am suffering from Female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)as per my doctors for the last 8 years. I have read somewhere onion juice is suitable only for alopecia aereta not for androgenetic alopecia.
    Density of hair on the front side of my head is very less that now my scalp also gets visible. I am using onion juice for the last 2 months but with no visible effect. I am very depressed. Help me….

    • Anonymous says

      one more thing ….In monsoon season severity of my hair problem increases …………..I am loosing ample quantity of hair…………….any remedy …………pls help

  30. suz says

    hi Swati
    thanx for ur post, it was very informative
    i have been using onion juice, today is my 4th application and i notice a reduction in hair fall…i am so happy with that:)
    so, i thought i would like to share few tips,
    i used a coffee bean mill to mash the onion and added little salt to diffuse all the juice out, strained it through muslin cloth then stored it in well-sealed jar in the fridge. it still worked!!
    i have mixed it with some organic apple vinegar, olive oil and coconut oil.
    applied it for 3 hours then washed it off with organic shampoo and brushed my hair for few minutes after that while it is semi-wet.
    i am quite pleased with the result and can’t wait to see my hair thick again.

    my warmest regards

    • says

      thanks a lot Suz for the feedback but I would like to point out that if you do not have dandruff issues, skip the vinegar as it can dry out the scalp if used in excess.

  31. Anonymous says

    Hi I’ve been doing lots of research on this and havent found much detail on what kind of onion to use. white? red? small? large? Or does it even matter? please help. I want to start ASAP :)


    • says

      the redder the onion, more is its sulphur quantity but you can use any onion. generally one big onion is enough to cover the entire scalp. hope this helps :)

  32. Anonymous says

    hey,i read your articles regarding onion juice.i had a question. i stay in a hostel. it is not possible for me to make onion juice so many times. so can i make it once and preserve it in a container?? if yes,then for how long can i preserve it?? if no,what else can i do if i cannot make a juice of onions??

    • says

      I understand the prob of staying in a hostel ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ but, sorry can’t say that onion juice can be preserved or not!!! I have never tried it. I have another recipe for that which I shall be posting soon :)

  33. Anonymous says

    my blender does not make paste of onions…instead i pour honey on chopped onions- the honey makes the onion to release the juice- then i apply to dcalp. do you think this will work same?

  34. Anonymous says

    Hey dis is gud .. I wanted to know that is it dangerous to apply this with honey when you have applied coconut oil on your scalp..
    I apply coconut oil always before using shampoo.. so is it ok to apply this paste with honey on the hair for 1 hour.. N plz also advice dat after applying dis what happens is the mixture start falling on the face and I am scared is there any chance dat hair would grow on the face..
    Plz give your advice..

    • says

      first, yes, its perfectly fine to apply on oiled hair. you can apply only the juice of the onion so that no mess gets created and nothing drops on the face. no, it will not grow hair where there is no hair at all :)

    • Anonymous says

      Thx a ton.. :-) can u also tell me weder dis would affect the color of my hair coz I already have white hair but today was d first time wen I performed dis application n wat I saw was little actually quite scary .. :( tonnes of white hair in the center of my scalp.. m afraid weder onion is d reason behind dat.

    • Anonymous says

      Thx a ton.. :-) can u also tell me weder dis would affect the color of my hair coz I already have white hair but today was d first time wen I performed dis application n wat I saw was little actually quite scary .. :( tonnes of white hair in the center of my scalp.. m afraid weder onion is d reason behind dat.

  35. Anonymous says

    hi swati, i have been applying onion juice for almost 2 months for 2-3 times a week. Hair condition is much better but i can hardly see hair growth. How much it will take for new hairs to grow ?
    Thanks in advance.

  36. Anonymous says

    Hey Swati..

    Thanks for sharing this info wid evryone. Really appreciate u for this.
    I am 26 yrs old..and having baldness from last 3-4 yearsz..also let me noe that if i use this every day which requires hair to be washed everyday which is good or bad??

  37. Rahima says

    Hi I’m Rahima and I’m 20 years old I have a oily dandruff scalp so will applying onion juice help reduce my oily scalp ? meaning is it good to apply it on such a scalp? plzz do reply Thank u=)

  38. says

    hi dear Swati i love your answers its very helpul my hair growth is faster but the frontal line hair is falling out can i recover it and use onion juice for it??? is there any side effect of onion juice? plzzzzz reply me thank u

    • says

      hi Sameer…which answers are you talking about??? no, there are no side effects for onion juice. yes, it should help with hair fall too. hope this helps!!

  39. says

    thank you so much. yesterday i applied onion juice on my scalp then i washed it off after an hour i am very happy and hope it will work so you are great Swati there is another question can i use coconut oil after shampooing hair from onion juice???

  40. Anonymous says

    hey there, i am a male age 20, and noticed my hair is receeding, will this hep thicken my hair and potentialy stop my hairline from receeding anymore? and will it help to restore my hairline slowly? also can i apply onion juice on long hair, as i dnt cut my hair short, usually about blade 5 on top, to cover the receeding hairine fromshowing to much.. will it still work? and how do i apply it? jus massage it in? please reply.. thankyou

  41. Anonymous says

    hey i am 22 my hair lines are receding and that case i massage my scalp with olive oil and put onion juice on my head bt the thing is when i massage my scalp 3 r 4 hairs comes out is that ok??????pls reply this………as early as possible

  42. says

    Hi Swati m Siddharth from Delhi m suffering from hair loss from last 2 years, have consulted to dermatologist, and followed medication for almost 1 year,but things doesn’t worked well,then I decided to go for natural remedies

    I visited to this site and read some comments 3-4 days before, I liked this remedy of onion.

    Can you plz tell me that how can i get onion juice as m living in a hostel and managed chopper here,can I apply thoroughly chopped onion, if yes then tell me how. Plz revert asap as I wanna start at the earlist.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati Mam…This Is Niraj Singh From Ranchi ….
    I really Love to know tat Onion juice ll help to hair regrow…if its possible den i think i ll be the most happiest…
    mam i was with my very good healthy hair at my mid 20 ..but after 25 i got blad spot my right and left scalp and now at my 29 my hair becomes thin and saprete to each other and i can view more empty space on my head …i know no doctor ll do anything …and i dont ve much money to go hair transplant

    just tell me can i use onion oil for this..sorry for such a long ..but i think i.need help from u

  44. says

    Hey Swati, I’ve been losing my hair for about 1-2 years I want to do something about it before its too late. I’m new to these hair remedies but from what I’ve read online and on your post, it seems that these onion treatments are great to get your hair back. I wash my hair 3 times a week with a sulfate free shampoo, usually with 2 days in between washes to make it even through out the week. I want to start using this remedy, and I want to know what are the different kinds of oils i can use and, when is the best time to do this? at night time before going to bed? or can it be done early in the morning as well?. thanks

  45. Anonymous says

    hey i am a 21 old girl frm bangalore, after checking ur write up…started wd this onion experiment…!! I too have some bald spots right in front portion of my head…i have tried it two times..cant see any effects as f now…i wanted to ask which variety f onion to use?? there r small big?? red white?? thanx in adv do reply…

  46. Anonymous says

    Hi…i just started using this method of applying onion on my head, its been 5 days now, can u tell me if i have to use fresh onion juice every time i apply it on my head?

  47. says

    i have noticed my hair have fallen after using onion paste, i guess its the damaged hair with the roots. Is it normal for the hair to fall after applying onion juice??? and will the fallen hair regrow again ???, i have also notice hair fall while applying coconut oil is it normal in both the cases?? where u loose your hair???

  48. RayAnn says

    but i love d color of my hair..:( m facng a li’l prob at parting my hair.. dey r vry soft n silky so d parting is xtra visible and dt dsnt luk at al when i open my hair..dts y i clutch em al d tym.:(..and yes d parting is visible at both d sides left n rite..
    but m damn sure u can help me in ds ..but i do not want to lose d color of my hair at any cost..:(..m realy cnfused nw..lookng frwrd for ur reply..:)

  49. Anonymous says

    i used this remedy on my hair for the first time and for some reason the result was the the opposite of what i expected as soon as i started washing my hair, lots and lots of my hair started falling out.why??

  50. Anonymous says

    @Swati nice to see that you r responding actively since more than a year, just wanted to say feels gud 2 c ppls lyk u….
    by the way i read all post from how long you are using this remedy & whats ur age ???


  51. says

    hi swathi,
    my name is kishan and im 20, have this hairfall problem since 6 years and this fastened last 2 years and the result hair got thinner ,less in density and its shedding on the crown ..researched a lot they seem many reasons but mine are itchy scalp,dandruff,DHT tried many but some worked positive fennugeek paste it did good by nourishing my hair even hair stopped falling off but only for 2-3 weeks and then ate soya beens another positive result which blocks dht but it was just a good week i realized its not only one thing all the time things should me mixed up
    i should use 2 or 3 good home made for consistent result so my doubt is onion a good thing for DHT problem

    • says

      DHT is a hormone and that’s something internal. for that, you should take green tea every day. onion doesn’t really interfere with what happens inside the body so it shouldn’t be a problem for DHT!!!

    • says

      hi…I am sorry but I don’t want to use the himlaya cream so i can’t review it.
      but, my father uses the anti-dandruff and says that it works only as long as you use the product and have heard good reviews on the product you mentioned.

  52. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati..
    I am using onion juice with arnica oil since 15 days and result is realy very good now i found regrowth of hairs in front of head and roughf hairs also turning to smooth hairs slowly..

    thank you so much 4 beautiful post.. :):)

  53. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati..
    I am applying onion juice with arnica oil to my hairs twice a week since 15 days and i noticed regrowth of hairs at front head and also my roughf hairs changes to smooth one… :):)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post…


  54. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati..
    I am applying onion juice with arnica oil to my hairs twice a week since 15 days and i noticed regrowth of hairs at front head and also my roughf hairs changes to smooth one… :):)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post…


  55. says

    Hi Swati

    I have been wearing braids in my hair for about 2 yrs now. I have taken the braids out; now my hairs is shedding, thinning and plus I have a itchy scalp.

    By using the onion treatment will it start my hair to grow back and did the braids weaken my hair? Also can I mix it with the following oils: emu oil, castor oil, alma oil?

    please help

    • says

      hi…do you have natural hair??? and, by braids, which braids do you mean – corns or normal 3-strand braid??? if your braid was very tight, yes, it might have weakened the hair. its very important to relax the hair so keep it open for at least an hour everyday. if you use castor oil, mix it with other oils. don’t apply it naked on the scalp or skin ever. its very concentrated. yes, onion juice will help hair grow.

  56. says

    Yes, I’m black amer. and my hair is natural. I was wearing 3-strand extensions braids. i’m not wearing them any more. my hair grow very well with them in and once I took them out my hair start shedding. Also is it ok to us the emu oil, black castor oil or alma with the onion juice?

  57. parpolparpol says

    hi! been doing research about this onion treatment for hair and almost all comments were positive. i still haven’t tried it though. i’ve also read one article that you can also mix the chopped onion in a shampooo and let it stand for 15 days before using it. this one i’d like to try coz maybe it will lessen the smell of the onion.

  58. Anonymous says

    Hi swati..Nice article
    Can i make a combination of onion juice and any hair oil for long time use ?
    for e.g.: mix 100ml hair oil+100ml onion juice then put it in bottle then apply daily on the hairs…actually,i dont want make juice again and again.


  59. says

    Hello swati..

    I started applying onion juice on hair oil. It becomes dry within half an hour after applying it. Is it common. How often i can apply it in a week for better results and how long should i wait for take bath after applying it. Is there any shampoo i can take for washing. because it is liking gum sticky feeling after applying oil juice in head.


    • says

      yes, it becomes dry. you can wash it off as soon as you it gets dry in the hair. you can apply it twice to thrice in a week. any shampoo would clean off the oil. it doesn’t feel like gum-sticky!!! always shampoo your hair twice and follow with conditioner!!!

    • says

      can i use methi seeds paste,castor oil/almond oil mix and onion juice for alternative i am using methi paste and castor /almond oil mix weekly twice..can i use onion juice for hair growth?
      may i use this treatment for hair regrowth on lost place?can it worth,
      what to do for regrowth lost hair (regrowth hair on bald place) pls help me find solutions…

  60. says

    I also heard about the shampoo and I’m working on it. Its been standing for a week. The article I’ve read was to let it stand for 2 wks.

    The thing is how long do you keep the shampoo in your hair?

  61. RayAnn says

    but i love d color of my hair..:( m facng a li’l prob at parting my hair.. dey r vry soft n silky so d parting is xtra visible and dt dsnt luk at al when i open my hair..dts y i clutch em al d tym.:(..and yes d parting is visible at both d sides left n rite..
    but m damn sure u can help me in ds ..but i do not want to lose d color of my hair at any cost..:(..m realy cnfused nw..lookng frwrd for ur reply..:)

  62. says

    Hi Swati

    Can I use a conditioner with the onion juice and oil three times a week plus sit under a dryer for 30 mins. with it in my hair. or is this a little bit to much? or just mix conditioner and juice because I found the onion juice is too watery and it runs out of my hair. If conditioner mix with the juice it give it a little more body so it stays better in you hair. will that work.

    • says

      well, i do think its too much, keep things simple. don’t apply conditioner ever on the scalp. yes, its watery so you can use cotton to apply the juice. dab the cotton on the scalp so that it gets absorbed and doesn’t run down the face!!

  63. Anonymous says

    another recipe is to chop and onion and add it to shampoo and let it stand for 15 days and use the shampoo as usual. it will make hair growth faster and hair shining. Is this recipe correct. can we use it in this way?


  64. Anonymous says

    hi swati . ur blog has really made me tempted to try this onion juice. am just worried tht wil i lose my hair more if it doesnt work for me. my hair is thinning near partition line. i am 29 yrs old married and 4 mnths pregnant. so wht i want to ask is:
    1 is it safe to use in pregnancy?
    2 i hav done many homeopathy treatments before but nothing worked i mean hairloss was in control but new hair never grew.
    3 recently i tried applying kalonji oil but my hair started falling more.
    4 is it necessary tht if kalonji oil didnt work onion juice wil also not work?
    5 had also once tried sesa hairfall kit available in india lost lots of money along wit hair.
    6 after so many exeriments am really afraid of trying onion juice wht do u say ? shud i go for it n is it ok if i apply only on partition line
    7 one more thing whnever i oil my hair wit any oil my hairfall is more so hav stopped oiling since long time

    waiting for ur helpful reply.

    • says

      yes, its safe in pregnancy unless you are dealing with nausea. also, please remember that in pregnancy, hair loss is inevitable so doing anything might nto really help but yes, onion is perfectly safe since it is an external application :)
      i donno about kalonji oil or sesa oil so can’t say anything about them. yes, its fine if you apply only on partition line.
      ok, oiling hair is very necessary but while your hair is falling, just apply oil and don’t massage at all. and, improve your diet and this thing will pass :)

    • Anonymous says

      hi again
      wel today is my firstday of application. hav decided to keep it only for one hour. just wanted to ask does hair become hard during tht period of 1 hr ?
      thnx :)

    • Anonymous says

      well to be frank not much difference until now :(. hairfall has not reduced yet. today hav applied for third time. i guess i need lots of patience :).

  65. RAJ says


    I was searching for any hair loss treatment, found ur post and I can see your comments area full of ur support to everyone. Its really amazing for years u r replying to everyone. I really like the way u r sharing it with all. R u doing it professionally or doing it from your home only, I mean how is it possible to do it continuously for this long time. Do u get any support technically to create these posts online and sharing with all. What do use to reply ur comments its just ur laptop or ur mobile. Its just a curiosity after going through all these comments. For ur post, definitely I am going to apply it as u mentioned above.

    Thanks for your kind support and patience during replying all repeated questions those u have already replied many times and assisting them individually.

    My Best Wishes For You.

    • says

      hi Raj…no, i don’t do this professionally. its my hobby and no I write all my posts on my own unless mentioned. i do manage all the stuff on my own as well. i use laptop. and, thanks a lot for your kind words.
      do let me know how does the treatment go for you in case you try it out!!

  66. RAJ says

    Ya Swati I am going to try it and tell u the results, just a question, is it necessary to use any type of conditioner after applying juice and rinsing it with any suitable shampoo.

  67. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, Your website is really wonderful :) I read about
    onion treatment and i want to know whether it can be used to
    treat premature greying? will this turn grey hair black?


  68. says

    hi swati mam……i have 23 yrs old…. i had hair fall during my col days… some times more hair falling some times no falling of hairs… now my hair falling started.i used onion twodays… no difference in my hair falling…. wat oil i ll use to reduce hair fall…………. i want reduce hair fall bec my marriage coming nov… plz give me a idea mam

  69. says

    Hi Swati:
    Just a little note to let you know that the onion juice is working well (it really works). Its only been least than a month (going on 3wks)and I see new growth in bald spots on my head more than a quarter inch. But I still have a problem with itching and some pimple that comes on my scalp.
    Any recommendation. Help!
    Also the shampoo with the onion is great.

  70. Anonymous says

    Can you mix the onion juice with Trichup hair oil? Has anyone everytried it? Which would be the best oil to mix it with?

  71. Anonymous says

    Dear swati,
    I have severe hairfall and the area in front is starting to look bald, been using the mixture of onion juice, egg yolk and almond now since the last 3 times, once every week, I wanted to know:

    1. If I can heat the almond oil before mixing it with the
    onion juice

    2. Is one egg yolk enough

    3. Is almond oil good or should substitue for another

    Thanks for all your help


    • says

      make the oil warm but not hot!!! one should be enough…you have to apply this only on scalp, right?? you can go for sesame oil as well..both are good and add ONLY a table spoon of castor oil, if you get it.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Swati,
      But when I mix the onion juice with the almond oil it tends to be more watery is that normal and I color my hair as well nearly once every two months, would almond oil/castor oil with onion juice lighten my hair color more, if so which oil should be used with onion juice so the hair color stays the same

    • says

      yes, its watery only and oil and juice don’t really mix wel. you can also do one thing – apply the juice using a cotton on the scalp on oiled hair an hour before washing your hair. it just turns hair copperish but not necessarily.
      you can instead use sesame oil or mustard oil to prevent change in color!!!

    • says

      my age is 25yrs,i am losing my hairs since last 2yrs.nw i lost more hairs infront .so what to do for regrowth hair? ca i get lost hair back?
      can i use methi seeds paste,castor oil/almond oil mix and onion juice for alternative i am use methi paste and castor /almond oil mix weekly twice..can i use onion juice for hair growth?
      may i use this treatment for hair regrowth on lost place?can it worth,
      what to do for regrowth lost hair (regrowth hair on bald place) pls help me find solutions…

  72. Anonymous says

    my age is 27 years,my hair fall is continuous since childhood but after 2008 i feel that i’m bald one day.Currently i treated with dr. batra,since dec,2010.My current hair status is 2 Bald patches in back side and hair loss from almost every part of hair means in few months i acquire completely bald.My question is Onion Juice effective to regain hair again,Bald place got again hair with applying onion juice.
    Actually i already start applying onion juice.from last 2 weeks. ………..Amit

    • says

      yes, it might help, Amit. if its hereditary, I doubt anything can help but no harm in trying!!!
      no, you can use onion juice on its own as well but try to use it on well-oiled hair only so that it doesn’t end up drying the scalp. apply the juice using a cotton ball.

    • says

      my age is 25yrs,i am losing my hairs since last 2yrs.nw i lost more hairs infront .so what to do for regrowth hair? ca i get lost hair back?
      can i use methi seeds paste,castor oil/almond oil mix and onion juice for alternative i am use methi paste and castor /almond oil mix weekly twice..can i use onion juice for hair growth?
      may i use this treatment for hair regrowth on lost place?can it worth,
      what to do for regrowth lost hair (regrowth hair on bald place) pls help me find solutions…

  73. Anonymous says

    hii Swati……Is it necessary to mix Onion Juice with any oil?We cannot use onion juice only??????????Amit

  74. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati

    I think I m suffering fm Alopecia Areata first time ever in my life. And I have a 2.5cm diameter round bald patch round the top back of my head. Would this remedy helps to make hair grow back faster in that area?

    If so, should I just use onion in that area?
    Can I mix it with rosehip seed oil (thats all i have here)? Or should I oil the area first then apply onion? Is this oil ok to retain the natural col. of my hair too?

    Would the hair grow back thin or normal/natural as other healthy hair?


    • says

      well, honestly, i would suggest you to consult a good dermatologist. i don’t know any thing of these will help or not.
      yes, you can use rosehip and apply onion on well-oiled hair using a cotton ball. yes, don’t worry, it wouldn’t change the color so startlingly. its just a natural copperish and that also depends. since you are applying it on the bald patch, it wouldn’t show any color difference immediately.

  75. Anonymous says

    thx Yes I have been to the dermatologist. But I would like to do sth that helps hair to regrow faster because all they could give you is steroid.

    isnt the onion juice therapy supposed to be for the bald patch?

    When i make onion juice , do i need to mix with water?


  76. says

    my age is 25yrs,i am losing my hairs since last 2yrs.nw i lost more hairs infront .so what to do for regrowth hair? ca i get lost hair back?
    can i use methi seeds paste,castor oil/almond oil mix and onion juice for alternative i am use methi paste and castor /almond oil mix weekly twice..can i use onion juice for hair growth?
    may i use this treatment for hair regrowth on lost place?can it worth,
    what to do for regrowth lost hair (regrowth hair on bald place) pls help me find solutions…

  77. carol d'silva says

    Hi swathi,
    I am carol. i have been reading your posts. I have curly hair by nature and i hate it. So i used to blowdry my hair after every wash to set it straight…have been doing this for two years now. I had thick hair and i didnt pay much heed to hairfall, but of late my hair started to look so weak and brittle. I hardly have a few strands of hair in the front… i am worried , can onion juice help to reduce flw away and regain my thick hair without stopping the use of blowdryer… ?

    • says

      well, you will have to stop using blow drier or at least reduce the usage to once a week or something on those lines…heat is not good for hair and if you can’t help it, invest in some got heat preventing serums. many are available now a days. yes, onion juice will help and go for deep conditioning treatments every week and cut your hair to the least length you can carry so that you can grow out healthy hair and i would still say do not use any styling agents….they really take a toll on hair.

  78. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Thank you so much for the tip.. My hair feels great now.. I have applied onion, lemon and hair oil weekly twice for 3 weeks now. I had lot of dandruff for which I used to apply Head and Shoulders every alternate day without fail but only the dandruff kept coming back. Now with your tip my hair is shiny, my scalp is clear. It’s been 3 weeks I have not used Head and Shoulders. Now I can use any shampoo of my choice without worrying about dandruff and hairfall.

  79. says

    hey swati,
    i am carol and i am 21 yrs old. My hair is naturally curly and i hate it. So i blowdry it straight everytime i wash my hair. I dint pay much heed to the flyaway since my hair was thick. But of late i can see my hair is become so thin and my scalp is visible in the front. Will onion juice help to regain my hair. But i cant stop blowdrying.

  80. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati. Can I apply this onion juice on a six yr old girl? She has very thin hair. Does the hair color changes a lot?

  81. says

    Asalam Alkyun
    I am Raja Faisal from karachi, I had expermented a lot with my hair and vegetable. and also made lot of research on internet my conclusion is that GOD ALMIGHTY had made ONION and AELOVERO a perfect remedy for hair loss and regrowth.





    my email for any enquiry.

    cell. 00923218917227 from anypart of the world call me


  82. Anonymous says

    hi swati….

    i have very low density of hairs on scalp….from last many years gradually i lost so many hairs…

    from last one month i m using onion juice method 3 times a week…i m also oiling in the night with the mixture of olive oil,almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil and sesame oil….now from last one week i m watching small tiny hairs on the line above forehead….

    so please tell me whats this and what kind of progress i should expect in coming days……

  83. says

    Hai Swathi,
    It Prashanth from abroad i appreciate ur prompt responsed dear Swathi,
    Here want to know is this will effect our internal brain functioning, is it not flow inside through hair pores
    Is it not effect that body temperature because it usually we if keep under arm we feel hot body temperature. So please guide me Genuinely dear…….

  84. sushil Thota says

    hi swati,

    I have dandruff on my dry scalp.I am using this onion juice from 2 weeks. but my dandruff is not getting reduced.What is solution. Plz guide me

  85. Anonymous says

    Hi Swaty,
    I am Aru from chennai. I am suffering from male pattern baldness(due to genes) my father and his father also had baldness. Can i try onion juice? will it really work for this type of baldness?


  86. says

    i am hair fall problem and its increased due to change in water and environment since i came abroad.
    its difficult to get juicer/mixer here so i cut fine onions and put in ACV(apple cider vineger- herd its helpful for hair)
    and with fenugreek seeds. and leave it overnight and use it to rinse hair after shampoo.
    so its right use of onion ? any suggestions?

    • says

      well, its fine :) if you can get a shredder or cheese grater, you can shred or grate the onion and squeeze the pulp as well. otherwise, the method is fine but remember that ACV is acidic so its very drying.

  87. says

    Hey Swati,
    Excellent post and excellent (reader) support ! keep it up!
    i hv had hair fall problem and its increased due to change in water and environment since i came abroad.
    wanted to know onion juice and fenugreek treatment is useful in which cases ? i understood onion gives sulfur but it will be useful only if hairfall is due to lack of sulfur. isnt it?
    is there any other benefit of onion and fenugreek?
    i m unsure about my hair loss reason, but usually ppl have hair loss due to DHT/Fungus/infection/Dandruff/Ferrum(copper) or Vitamin or Protein deficiency etc.
    ur solution are helpful in which categories ? would be helpful to know..
    one more question..
    its difficult to get juicer/mixer here so i cut fine onions and put in ACV(apple cider vineger- herd its helpful for hair)
    and with fenugreek seeds. and leave it overnight and use it to rinse hair after shampoo.
    so its right use of onion ? any suggestions?

    • says

      regd. how its helpful is because it provides sulfur but its not a foolproof way…it activates the hair follicles that’s how it helps. and, its possible that it may not help as well.

  88. BenW says

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Ben and I’m working at a UK television production company called Outline Productions and we are producing a ground breaking new TV health show for a major UK broadcaster.

    Our series is looking into natural cures, home remedies and complimentary treatments for health problems.

    The series will trial a selection of these remedies to explore the science behind why they may work. We’re hoping to raise awareness for a huge selection of illnesses and health conditions by having people who have benefited from home remedies share their discovery with the country.

    We’re currently looking for individuals who swear by such home remedies to discuss their cure/treatment with our team of 3 GPs. As well as the more well-known home remedies we’re also particularly interested in the more unusual remedies that people have successfully used.

    As some of you have been saying that the onion treatment really does work for hair loss, we would love to hear from you if you’re interested in talking to our panel of GPs about this (if you live in the UK). If you’re not UK based, perhaps you might know anyone in the UK who swears by this as a home remedy for hair loss?

    You can email me ( or call me on 0207 424 7689.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  89. Faizan says

    Hello Shruti,

    Its great to read your article and users comments.. it makes me feel more positiveness of my hair regrowth…
    i am based in dubai.. and it says that 90% of ppl lives in dubai get bold faster as water contains chlorine, metals, zinc and other impurities…

    my first question is, do you have any suggestions to get rid of chlorine water like something i can mix with the water so it clean all impurities from water…

    secondly, i was having a high hair fall around 3 months ago for 3-4 months… and it affected my hair very badly… i can see light bold patch in middle of the head when my hair is wet or when i apply oil… when it is dry.. boldness is not much visible…
    my question is does onion juice with olive oil can reborn my lost hair?

    this are the question which i am awaiting to get the answer…

    appreciate to get your reply sooon on my above posted questions..

    Thanks & Regards

  90. Pavitha says

    hi swathi apologies for commenting on the blog late . I have very scanty eyebrowd they are very light and there is absolutely no hair at the start of my eyebrows . I just wanted to know if onion juice will help to accentuate new hair growth and also will it make my eyebrowd denser .??????? Eagerly waiting for your reply . Thanks in advance .

    • says

      hey Pavitha. for this issue, you should instead use castor oil. apply a drop of castor oil every night on your eyebrows. you should start seeing results in a month. castor oil helps in new hair growth. hope this helps and do let me know how it goes for you :)

  91. Mykee says

    Hey Swati,

    I am applying the onion juice atleast four times a week regularly from past 2-3 months…. Upto some extent i feel some result also…. I mix onion juice with some amount of rose water to get rid from smell…. Now I am having very itchy scalp and some times some white flakes are falling from my hairs… I want to whether it is a dandruff or it is a dead skin….and also some time I store the juice for 2 days in refrigerator…. Now pls tell me whether refrigeration of onion juice will lose it nutrients which are need to our hairs or I have to take off the fresh juice regularly?… And also pls tell about how can i get rid from itchy scalp? Can i mix onion juice +dabur rose water+ coconut oil…. Is it help me? As above mention that I am applying it from past 2-3 months….Is it give a drastic results in next three months…?? As I hope that 6 months are quite enough for all this? Please tell me….

    • says

      hi Mykee. do not mix the juice with rose water because rose water can be adulterated, especially if you are using the commercial products. instead of that mix essential oils. do not store the juice. always use freshly extracted!

      do not mix onion juice with oil. follow the instructions given in the following post:
      check out how to apply question.

      if you are not shampooing properly or if you are leaving onion juice for more than one hour, it dries and flakes off and probably your shampoo is not able to remove it. so, next time apply onion juice ONLY for 30 min. and, shampoo your scalp properly. mix a table spoon of vinegar with your shampoo this time.

      if the problem still persists, it might be dandruff so check out this:
      itchy scalp can be due to dandruff also. i am coming up with a post for scalp care tomorrow. do check it out :)

  92. sharmi says

    Hi Swati.. I’m working in a IT sector.. Recently from few months I can see the dense of the hair got reduced and I found some patches and gap in the forehead.. I had long hair, only in forehead I found some gaps, scalp was seen.. I have tried many oil and shampoo as per doctor advise but didn’t find any solution.. Please reply to my problem to my mail so that it ll b helpful.. Help me to sort out this issue.. Thanks…

  93. says

    Last night I saw your post than I went to kitchen and took onion and also I took tomoato and potato and mother came and ask me what am I doing I told her am following your remiedie she said get lost and clean the vessels :p

  94. Ned says

    Hi!!! Just want to ask if what is the best shampoo that suit onion juice. Or it is okay if any shampoo can used? And it is better to rinse it with conditioner than shampoo after leaving 30mins the onion juice? Hope you reply.

  95. varsha Ablani says

    Hi Swati. . I am 25 year old. My query is .. I am using Garnier Hair color from last 3 -4 years .. is it possible that i am facing hair falls because of this color ?
    And should I use onion therapy ?
    And is it possible to get side effect doing both together hair color and onion juice Therapy ?

  96. sheila says

    Do I need to shampoo my hair after using onion juice or just thoroughly rinsing it will do?? If so pls suggest some natural cleansers for the scalp

  97. toofan says

    Hi swati you are doing great. I belong to peshawar pakistan. I suffered from sub-Derm and folliculitus ( skin allergy causing dandruff hair fall and itchy skin) now i am 90 percent cure but my crown and receding lines are almost empty. also my hairs became so thin but still i dont look completly bald. Please tell me is there any chance of regrowth of my hair. I have been in this condition for about 6 to 7 yeays but still i have my hairs. And it is not male pattern baldness. please suggest me diet also with onion juice for hair, And last thing i dont wanna mix oil with juice i am comfortable with smell. I want to use oil only once per week, is there any side effect of onion juice without oil. Take care

  98. Regina Kochumon says

    Dear Madam…iam saw your post of hair fall..mam iam a malayalee we use coconut oil daily for hair so can we use this onion juice = to coconut oil or we should take any other oil…i have a curly hair so will i get any changes in hair growth & can i mix onion juice in coconut oil & apply daily please help me & my husband love long & thick hair so pls pls help me mam…waiting for your reply

  99. sam says

    Hi. I am jus 20. and m suffering hair thinning and getting some grey hairs too. :( Hair Loss Too. Will Applying the Onion Juice work? should i do it daily? which shampoo i use to wash it? I want to get my hair backs. its too embrassing :(

  100. swati says

    Is onion suits on all type of hairs?
    Is there any side effects of onion on particular hair type??
    plzzz tell……………….

  101. Rekha says

    can u pls tell if i stop using it after getting the desired results will u loose my hair…………..

  102. Grace says

    i have to share that i had tried this remedy for my husband for his face. There was a bald spot in his beard. [it’s called alopecia areata. Within 10 days the hair grew back in that spot and it became absolutely like it was before. Then we stopped using it.
    Now I am using it for my hair fall… and it is working very well.

  103. abubakr says

    Hi i have few doubts.

    1. i can apply onion juice directly on my scalp on daily basis or alternative days?
    2. I just want to use the small onion or big onion?


  104. says

    Hi swathi,
    I am deepika…Onion juice can we apply on oily hair? Rosemary oil 5 drops will add in onion juice or in applied oil?which oil is best for hair massage?in a wk how many times will aply oninon juice on hair?pls suggest

  105. alisha says

    hii swathii iam suffering from hair fall and my hair is becoming so thin can u pls suggest any idea for dis plsss

  106. Mohit mishra says

    Hii swati mam namastey After applying the onion juice on my hair and after having bath and after getting the hair dry can i use coconut oil. Does coconut oil will affect if gets contact with onion contents or will it improve in getting my hair healthier and more thing which oil will be more beneficial for my hair after having bath from onion juice, almond oil or coconut oil and also tell me that which company or brand will have the pure oil. Swati mam does marico parachute company gives pure coconut oil, if not then please recommend me for the best company brand. One more thing swati mam can i bath with any bathing soaps after washing the onion juice with water from my head will it damage my hair or hair scalp as the bathing soaps have some ingredients in it please reply me

  107. says

    hi swati mam .

    I am suffering from hair loss from 3-4 months will u prescribe m what can I do it look very vired without hair iam losing hair from front side and both side but now I am using onion juice with honey I want t knew its good or nt ar iss there any side effects by using it or not please forgive me the ans that what should I dooo t regrow the hair. my prblm were started by using geel in hair and also tell which oil is best fr massage plz ????….

  108. shriyansh Gupta says

    hi swati mam,
    i have prblm losing hair from 3-4:months by I use many f medicine and may other medical treatment but i don’t got positive responses but now I am using onion juice with honey its good ar not please forgive me what can I do t regrow the hair …I got this prblm by using geel so mam plz help me what should I dooo and which oil I use fr massage olive oil cooconut oil ar any other.plz rply me……

  109. bhawna says

    Hii.. My daughter is 4 years old. Her hair is very thin. Is it safe to apply onion juice on her scalp? Can I mix onion juice with olive oil .?

  110. Avi says

    hi , swati mam i read ur all posts . i am in dubai from last 3 months ,i m lossed my lot og hair in 3 months because of chlorinated tap water & hot weather .in uae this hair falling problem is common problem 60% peoples have i m 27 & please suggest me any suitable remidies for hair fall .& regrowth hair.
    thank u so much

  111. Priya says

    Can we use one day old onion juice, like made the onion juice today but cannot apply for some reasons, so can that be used next day or should throw this juice and make a fresh one for next day? appreciate your valuable response on it.


  112. rock says

    swati mam i m 18 yrs old and have gone a much bald from the left & right side of the scalp but my front & back side of the scalp is totally okay … will onion juice remedy work for me?

  113. deepti says

    hello…m deeptj..I hve hair fall prblm form august2015…actually I had make my hair straight from parlour for 1 year using kretien……1 yr is completed…now my hair fall is too too much…I dont knw wat to do….plss help me to stop my long hair fall..nd regrowth hair………nd I m scare to massage on my during massage lots of hair is vrk form roots. pls help me…:'(

    • says

      hi Deepti. please improve your diet, include lots of proteins and apply egg mask on your hair once a week for 2 months. do not massage your scalp and do not apply oil. hope this helps :)
      also, use essential oils in the egg mask like rosemary and peppermint which help promote hair growth.

  114. jemihepsiba says

    im hepsi
    i have used onion juice twice.
    Last week and today morning ..
    I have dandruff and hair fall but today after applying and shampooing
    I could see more hair fall than normal days..

    Why so ?

    Can i continue with onion juice ?

  115. ramyaswethan says

    Hie swathi… My husband is facing from dandruff,white hair and bald patches what to do? What ingredients do I use? N another one can I apply onion juice on oiled hair. How many times do I need to apply.

  116. ramyaswethan says

    Hie swathi… My hair is so dry along with split ends. Iam using onionjuice,ghee,oliveoil n mustard oil. Is it fine to use with this ingredients?

  117. Christine says

    I have thin hair, so it gets oily quite easily. I try to wash it every 5 days and after 4 months, my hair started to look oily by the start of the 4th. Before that, I was washing my hair every 3 days and in the 2nd day it used to look like I bathed it in oil….I’m afraid to go back to that behavior by washing it twice a week again. Will applying onion juice and shampooing make it oily faster in the long term?

  118. Ramya Swethan says

    Hi. Can I combine onion juice with my hair oil (mixture of coconut oil, aloevera,fenugreek, curry leaves) plz reply asap.

  119. Kartik says


    I am 23 years old,i have been applying fresh onion juice every night for more than 40 days, complimenting it with amla and aloe vera juice 2 times a day, but still i am not getting the required result as i am still having a lot of hairfall. It did cure my dandruff problem but no regrowth or reduce hairfall. looking forward to your advice.


  120. himanshuuuu says

    Hii mam …. actually I started using onion juice on my hair scalf on a daily routine at night nd rinse off it next morning with mild shampoo. … here I have some cob web on mind related to rinse off hair daily with mild shampoo don’t you think it can harm hair if we wash our hair on daily basis? Or is it ok ….. and second question is that can we leave applying oil on hair next morning while being indulging in this process of masking ??

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