How much are you stressing your hair? {Hair Care}

Though Hair is a dead part of the body made up of proteins, it is extremely delicate and should be handled very carefully. So, whatever you do on your hair can stress it out. That is why it is said that you should handle your hair like a ‘delicate lace‘. The various actions include shampooing, conditioning, styling, coloring, combing, brushing and other chemical treatments on the hair. So, among all of these, shampooing, conditioning and combing are somewhat unavoidable and are done by everyone. So, there are a certain points which must be taken care of.
  • First is to shampoo your hair in the right way. Always partition your hair while washing. That will decrease the tangles and cleans the scalp nicely.
  • Now, coming on to conditioning, condition your hair ears down and apply enough of conditioner to cover the hair strands but don’t apply too much or try to lather with the conditioner. A partitioned hair makes it easy for you to condition your bangs.
  • So, no stress while your hair is wet. Do not flip your head or crunch your hair in the towel to squeeze out the water. Gently press the hair to remove excess water or put a towel round your shoulder to catch the dripping water. Doing anything more than that can result in hair breakage as wet hair is really delicate.
  • Let your hair air dry whenever you can. Well, if you are in a hurry, gently press an old t-shirt and remove excess water. Use a hair dryer on warm setting till your hair becomes just damp and then finish with a cold blast and then comb it out gently. Do not use the highest setting of your hair dryer ever on your naked hair. It is also easy to style damp hair and by the time you get ready, your hair would be completely dry.
  • No brushing till your hair is completely dry. And, actually, curly hair gals should use a hair brush very sparingly. Always choose a natural bristle brush and the base of the brush should be wooden.
  • Be gentle on your hair while combing and brushing it. Maximum of the damage happens during combing and brushing only if you are not using irons and straighteners and curlers and all.
  • Hair Coloring is again a big no-no. If you really want to get it colored, go to a good salon and get a good service from an experienced hair stylist and use quality products to take care of your hair afterward.

Now, apart from all the above-mentioned points, I wanted to focus on tying your hair. In our country, especially, in the South, you will always find girls with oiled and tightly tied braids. That is one of the worst things which can happen to the hair. Leaving your hair open doesn’t mean you are exceptionally fashionable. Yes, there are people who still believe in it.

Actually keeping your hair tied all the time has a very opposite effect on the hair. It stresses the hair a lot. Hair is supposed to be tied very gently and loosely so that none of your strands are tensed. If your hair is tied so tight, it can damage the hair follicles itself. I remember once when I was very young one my sis-in-law braided my hair so tight that it hurt right from the roots. Oh my god!!! I can remember it til today though it had happened sometime in 90’s.
Actually, it is advised to leave your hair open for as long as you can. There is no point in tying your hair when you can leave it open. Especially when you are at home or sitting in the office or inside a car or in any enclosed environment where you know your hair won’t get dirty or damaged. That way there will be proper air circulation to the the roots of your hair and the scalp too. Otherwise, if there is no proper air circulation, the sweat and the natural oils produced can clog the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth and this if continued on a longer period would cause hair loss and hair breakage. So, it is always advised to keep your hair open whenever you can. Ans, another very healthy exercise for your hair is to stay in mild sunlight –  the morning or the evening sunlight for sometime to let the air and sunlight circulate through your hair and the scalp. This keeps your hair and scalp healthy.
Now, I would also want to add here that even the people facing lots of hair fall can keep their hair open. There is simply nothing to be afraid of. But, I would say use your own judgement coz it would be very foolish to leave your hair open in a completely windy and dusty area. It would have negative effects. So, if you are using public transport or an open-air transport or you know that you will be in the sun, always protect your hair with a scarf. Always tie your scarf comfortably otherwise it will hinder the circulation in the head and scalp resulting in unwanted headaches and tie your hair loosely inside the scarf.
One more point I would mention is to never sleep with your hair open. It always causes tangles in the hair. Comb and brush your hair neatly, tie it in a loose side-swept braid and sleep on a satin or silk pillow cover to reduce the friction and dehydration caused by rubbing of hair on the pillow covers and in the morning, as soon as you get up, open your braid and comb out your hair gently. You will not find any tangles. And, I don’t know if there is a myth ‘if you sleep with your hair open, it will grow fast’. That is entirely untrue and nothing as such happens. Only relation which hair growth has with sleep is that hair grows more during your sleep which means your beauty sleep is essential for hair growth but tied or untied hair has nothing to do with that.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi i agree with everything you said except leaving the hair open all the time.Because it will accumilate dust,
    and more over when your hair is loose
    it gets rubbed against your dress (and the friction) which actually damages the cuticles of your hair, especially the ends of your hair.
    So its better to make a pony or a loose braid.
    Also a pony/braid keeps hair tangle free to some extent.
    Thanks for the review would like to know more on hair care, DIY recipes etc…,

  2. says

    hey Raz…actually the keeping the hair lose stuff is something which I have tried over a year and based on that I wrote the post and I have seen less damage in the last year on my hair…regarding the dust accumulation, I have already written that one should keep hair open only in closed surroundings not outside but you might have something in friction…I shall definitely check this one again and do a post :) yeah I shall do more DIY posts on hair specially…keep a lookout :)

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