Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub and Purifying Neem Face Pack {Product Review}

I used both the products in conjunction to maximize their potential. So, lets get to reviewing them separately.
Purifying Neem Scrub
Price: 65 INR for 50gms
Neem and Apricot: Key Ingredients
My Experience
This scrub is for all skin types. It is a creamy scrub but not so creamy that it will break you out.The granules are gentle and not sharp that they scratch the skin but the density of granules is comparatively less. That is one disadvantage but the exfoliation is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. The scrub would suit all the skin types except the one with acne problems. It will suit sensitive skin too. A drawback is that it doesn’t help with the blackheads :( The scrub makes the skin looking brighter and fresh. The scrub also doesn’t leave any kind of residue after getting washed off and leaves the skin supple. It doesn’t dry the skin out and make it feel stretchy. A good scrub if you want an emergency fixing up of your skin.
My Recommendation
Yes!! It is a good scrub at a very nominal price.
Purifying Neem Face Pack
Price: 65 INR for 50gms
Multani Mitti, Neem and Turmeric: Key Ingredients
My Experience
It is muddy green in color and really smells weird. I can’t classify the smell but it is somewhat between herbal and chemical.The face pack is specially for normal to oily skin. I have combination skin and I have used this pack on alternate days after using the Neem face scrub. The result is a supple skin but I did not feel the pack did something really extraordinary to my face. The scrub gives better results. When applied, the face pack does feel cool and soothing on the skin but it doesn’t really help with breakouts.
Applying the face pack is easy enough but the face pack is more granular than clay which makes an uneven application sometimes. The face pack also doesn’t dry out consistently. It takes around 20 minutes to dry out completely and really gets hardened while it dries which gives a nice toned result. Removing the face pack is not so difficult but not so easy also and while removing you can feel the granular texture of the face pack. I wish the face pack was more creamy instead of granular. Overall. I found it to be an ok product. The result is again a fresh looking skin. It doesn’t leave the skin stretchy or dry instead makes the skin hydrated and supple.
My Recommendation
A good face pack which can be given a try and it is very much affordable. You might like it or might not like it but it will suit you definitely.
PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.


  1. says

    I use d Himalaya face pack frm 2 years..I mean I got this biggest tube and I use it rarely..so it just does not finish..:/
    love d scrub too..

  2. says

    hehe…I know sometimes finishing a product can be a real pain…thats why I always buy them in smaller sizes so that I don’t bored of them 😀

  3. says

    help me out then…which one will you prefer…himalaya’s fairness pack or the neem pack…i just want to revome my tanning…plus because of some skin problem am not allowed to use fairness product..so which one is a safer option??

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi swathi, this is about the onion hair treatment. I just have question, whether it is safe or not to apply on a henna treated scalp? as I have just applied henna to my hair and scalp.

    • says

      yeah it’s safe , i know u will be shock hearing different person replying to u but since swathi is not here i took her place as a society which is a best recomended in beauty.

    • says

      yeah it’s safe , i know u will be shock hearing different person replying to u but since swathi is not here i took her place as a society which is a best recomended in beauty.so use it to have a better look and supplyment on your face.

  5. says

    which is known as methlyparaben, plss confirm it on your himalaya ingredients to know it better but u can find in google about the harmfulness of using paraben in such products

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