Himalaya Protein Shampoo {Product Review}

Well, I have never been much fan of Himalaya hair care products as they seem to do nothing for my hair. So, I thought to be unbiased, I should let my friend review it but I did use this shampoo a couple of times. So, lets see what we have to say about this shampoo.
Price: 70 INR for 100ml (I am not sure though)
sorry for the bad pic quality but the main ingredients are: amla, bean sprout, sunflower, lotus and yarrow
Our Experience
Well, to start off with my experience, I told you that after coloring my hair with Wella, my hair has been feeling rough lately. Using this shampoo made it feel straw-like :( I used this shampoo once without any conditioner and afterward followed with the Himalaya protein conditioner. The shampoo really strips off the hair I felt. But, remember, my hair is dry, has always been dry. So, consequently, I wasn’t very pleased with the shampoo.
Moving on to my friends experience, she does use Himalaya shampoos but she finds them to be little drying for her hair too. She has, I would say, a normal to dry hair depending on the days and climate. So, we concluded that the shampoo is not good for dry hair at all.
Btw, when I followed the shampoo with the conditioner, the conditioner made my hair super soft but there will be another review for the conditioner.
Our Recommendation
We think this is a really great shampoo for oily hair as it does control oil but dry hair people should really stay away from this even though the shampoo says it is for all hair types.
PS: Product sent by the brand for consideration.


  1. says

    never used it but the word protein has always made me wanna try this.
    Now i think i’ll avoid it. i have coloured my hair alot in the past but now i have not for the last two years. colouring makes my hair very high maintainance.
    nice review

  2. says

    nice review swati..I had used it long back..found protein ok..d anti dandruff one was too harsh n gave me hair fall too…bt dat was a different formula I guess..

  3. says

    @Ginger yeah…coloring does make the hair high on maintainance :( me too wanted to try it coz of the word protein but now I think it is more of advertising than actual ingredients…

    @Bhumika I haven’t used the anti-dandruff…but Himalaya hair care just does suit me at all :( and I am tired of all shampoos having SLS / SLES…really wanna try out the Lush bar but it is pretty costly and I am not sure how long will it last too!!!

  4. says

    hello….i have oily hair, so can i use this shampoo for oily to normal hair? is it suitable for me because i wash my hair just twice or thrice a week.? Does this start working from the first wash?

    • says

      hi Vandana…I can’t really comment on how well it will work on oily hair!!! its just my gut feeling that it will work well on oily hair but that’s not very sure. in case you wanna check out if it works or not, I would suggest you to get the sachets before :)

    • says

      hey Vandana…not sure at all about the himalaya thingy but I can recommend pantene total damage care range…its pretty good and should be suitable for oily hair as well. hope that helps and in case you are going for himalaya coz it is a herbal brand, its not so you can as well use any drug store brand. hope this helps :)

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