Himalaya Protein Conditioner Softness and Shine {Product Review}

I had reviewed the protein shampoo almost a week back. I was not much impressed by the shampoo but I had pointed out that the conditioner removed all the roughness of my hair.

Price: 70-80 INR for 100ml (approx.)
Key Ingredients: China Rose and Lotus (hair conditioners), Chickpea and Oats (proteins)
My Experience
I am not one to believe that the shampoos and conditioners must belong to the same product range. I do use conditioners which I like and the shampoos often turn out to be ones which I don’t like. So, if anyone can suggest me a good shampoo which is SLS free, I would be very grateful. So, returning back to the review, I used this conditioner both with its own product range and Pantene shampoo. And, both times, the result was good. My hair felt soft and shiny and it was all tangle-free. But, I have a feeling that this conditioner is only for normal to dry hair. Oily hair would become limp because the conditioner is a little heavy.
There is only one problem with the conditioner. Actually, this is a problem with all the Himalaya conditioners. They are really sticky and need loads of water to wash off. And, this is a very big problem, not only from the environmental point of view, but also from time and patience point of view. But, I would also mention that this conditioner gets washed off easily when compared to the earlier conditioners of Himalaya so I think they are trying to make better products. Ok, one very big problem with the conditioner is that you have to struggle a lot to get it out of the bottle. It is a thick conditioner and doesn’t come out even when I am madly pressing the entire bottle so I often have to take out the upper cap and then thump the bottle on my palm and squeeze it and all sorts of stuff to take it out.

Now, something which I noticed just now is that the conditioner does make the hair a bit oily on the second day. I have dry hair but sometimes it is hydrated and quite soft. It became especially healthy after using the last piece of Lush Caca Noir because of the cocoa butter treatment to my hair. So, avoid this shampoo if you have healthy and fine hair. It will make it limp but it will really suit the dry and frizzy hair well. It also helps in taming the curls so very helpful for curly haired gals.

My Recommendation
Yes, it is a good conditioner which softens the hair well and gives shine to it.
PS: Product provided by brand for consideration.


  1. Prachi says

    Nice review..Swati..Dove conditioner felt the same but hardly did anything for amy frizzy hair. Will the Himalaya tame frizzy hair..?

  2. says

    hey Prachi…yup it did tame my bit of frizzy hair…at least my hair is not flying around even after two days of leaving it entirely open :) but there is one thing..I think the conditioner makes the hair oily after the second day, I guess….I forgot to mention this one in the review!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I agree with you. I didn’t like the shampoo at all except for the smell. It actually made my hair dry. The conditioner on the other hand is absolutely amazing. My hair was so fried from dyes and heat-styling that I’d tried every product under the sun. I was so surprised what a good job this conditioner did on my hair. I’d recommend it to anyone with damage.

  4. Kumara Balaji says

    I have a curly hair and am just using natural ingredients like coconut milk and lemon juice. Mixed both well and keep it in the refrigerator till it forms as a cream. But they said that i need to wash my hair with a mild shampoo i prefer Himalaya shampoo but i don’t know which product(variety of Himalaya shampoo). So what product can i choose? please can anyone suggest which is best. waiting for your replies.

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