Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub {Product Review}

I had used this scrub earlier around a year and half back and at that time I was just satisfied with it. But, since then, there have been a lot of changes in the product. The exfoliating beads have become smaller and gentle and they do not rip the skin like they used to and the cream of the scrub is not so heavy now. So, lets go on to the review.
Price: 65 INR for 50gms
It earlier had crab apple (I don’t know what it is) and now it has only apple!!! Btw, it smells almost same like it used but the fragrance is a little toned down.

My Experience
Since I had used the original scrub launched Himalaya long back, I can spot the difference easily and I can confidently say that this product is good one. But, even then, the granules are less in density and are bit more harsher than the Neem scrub. So, it can definitely irritate the sensitive skin. I have a combination skin and it did not dry me out. Earlier the cream in the scrub used to so heavy that it used to leave residue behind after being washed off which I completely hated and I stopped using that product. But, now there are no as such problems with the scrub.
The scrub leaves the skin fresh and a bit brighter too. No fairness claims though and I don’t really believe in them. Skin feels soft and supple afterward but it didn’t really do anything for my blackheads.
My Recommendation
A good scrub which delivers what it says and is very much affordable. But, sensitive skin people should remain away from it. And, I am not sure how it will affect the oily skin. Neem face scrub is more suitable for oily skin.
PS: Product provided by the brand for consideration.


  1. says

    swati I liked d new layout..:)
    I have No marks walnut scrub which is similar to St. Ives

    Why dont u remove word verification?
    u can always keep approval..

  2. says

    hey Bhumika…yup removed the word verification and thanks…I have never tried St. Ives scrub…I always felt it was a little harsh!!! will check it out next time…

  3. says

    hey Reena…I have not used much of the other scrubs…my experience is limited to Lotus Whiteglow, Lakme Berry and Biotique scrubs so comparing with them I would say every scrub is good and has its own goodness so it is good overall…no negative points :)

  4. Anonymous says

    i love himalaya products especially their scrubs..also their clarina kit (for acne) is marvellous

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