Franc Essential Cleanse and Body Melt {Product Review}

I will be talking of two products today and I will be writing about the remaining two in the next post. I received a sample each of all the four (above pic) so this won’t exactly be a review. Instead, I would describe my limited experience with the samples. Lets start with the Cleanse and wrap up with Body Melt. Do visit their online store to check out their other products. They do have an interesting range of products and their ingredient lists are worth a look (almost natural).
Franc Essential Cleanse
My Experience
I have used this cleanser only two times. The first time I used I felt it to be a little drying for my skin but the feeling did not recur after the second use. It takes away all the impurities and cleanses well and I found that it need not be followed with a face wash like some cleansers do. But, I felt a very faint feeling that probably it leaves behind a film which I never like in my product so I always use a face wash to get rid of the effect. Otherwise, it left my skin supple and soft both the times and also did a little brightening job. It doesn’t feel heavy and it did suit my combination skin.

Franc Essential Body Melt

Full of Cocoa and Shea Butters
My Experience
I have used the body melt mainly for my hands and legs. I found it to be a bit hard to take out from the sample first of all. It is a thick cream and requires a lot of rubbing in the skin to get absorbed as opposed to its name. It didn’t definitely melt on my body but the amount was less so I can’t give a judgement on the product. It moisturized my skin well but it took a lot of time to get absorbed and later (around after half hour) my skin felt soft but till then the cream felt a little heavy for me on my hands but it was great for the legs. This product is mainly for dry skin as it is extremely creamy and moisturizing.
PS: Product provided by the brand for consideration.


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