Face pack for Blemished Skin {DIY}

  • Tomato juice
  • Sandalwood Powder
Mix them both in a bowl and apply on face and neck. Regular usage would help in the brightening of the skin, removes the tan and also the blemishes and dark spots on the skin. This face pack can be used everyday too. Tomato juice is mild enough and doesn’t cause photo-sensitivity like citrus fruits. Sandal wood helps with acne and pimples too and controls the oil production in the skin.
A smooth fresh skin is revealed. It makes the skin supple and brightens the complexion. A good face pack to use before an outing.


  1. Anonymous says

    i can use it daily na?i hv to go out everyday for going to university and have to walk in the sunlight,i use umbrella but i m becoming black :( and my face and hands are too black thn my full body :(,dn knw why i m becoming black more thn my frends,it happens to fairer body but i m nt fair nt black

  2. says

    it sometimes happens that you tan very quickly so it is very important to use sunscreen (which doesn’t prevent tanning btw) and also other accessories like umbrella and all…sometimes brown skin really needs more care than fair skin coz we produce melanin much faster so our skin becomes more black….this face pack can be used daily but use it at night for better results…on alternate days, scrub your hands with a whitening scrub from the market or I have posted plenty of recipes….preferably use tomato juice or any fruit juice with a scrub base….the fruit juice or tomato juice helps in brightening the skin and try to keep the hands covered and a proper daily routine will help protect the complexion!!! hope this helps :)

  3. Anonymous says

    is it necessary to steam ur face before using a facepack on daily basis? if so pls can u tell me the procedure?

    • says

      no!!! don’t steam ur face more than twice a month….it can dry your face and then, it should be done for only 3-5 minutes and not more than that. simply take a bowl of boiling water and bend your head on it so that the steam comes to your face. cover yourself and the bowl with a towel to trap the steam inside.

  4. Anonymous says

    oh really! thnx for the information.By the way i heard that steaming ur face before applying a facepack gives u better result so i thought should it be proceed in a daily basis

    • says

      yes, it gives better results as it opens the pores but it dries up the face so that’s not very nice either..if you need an alternative, you can take a wash cloth and dip it in hot water (as hot as you can handle) and cover your face with it till it cools down…it will also open the pores and you can follow it with a face pack. you will get same results :)

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