Bilberry Extract {Ingredient}

Recently, my eye doc prescribed me supplements of anti-oxidants. I checked the composition of the supplements and the tablets contain Bilberry Extract.
What is a Bilberry Extract??
Bilberry extract is an extremely potent anti-oxidant extracted from the Bilberry fruit.

“Bilberries are a rich source of anthocyanosides, a class of flavanoids recognized for their importance  in eye health. Bilberry anthocyanosides are potent antioxidants in the visual cells of the retina, and help in maintaining normal blood flow in the fine capillary blood vessels that nourish the eyes and other tissues, preventing disorders like macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma while improving vision in general”. – Form the information leaflet provided with the tablets.

Benefits of Bilberry
  • The major use for which I was prescribed this supplement was that Bilberry extract helps protect from ‘Macular Degeneration’ (loss of vision due to damage to retina)
  • It improves the night vision
  • It is supposed to help with gastrointestinal disorders too
  • As with every anti-oxidant, it helps protect from skin disorders and diseases


  1. Anonymous says

    Hello, i am also suffering from vision problem. ..plz tell me which anti-oxidants includes billberry.. and what we call billberry in hindi.. as i also read somewhere that it improves vision but but i don’t found it anywhere..


  2. says

    Hi Nisha
    bilberry is a fruit rich in anti-oxidants and I have no idea what it is called in hindi…I don’t think this fruit is found in India…and if you are having vision problem, it will be helpful to visit an ophthalmologist!!!

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