Sit fully back on the chair

Many of us tend to sit just in the front portion of the chair. Sometimes our legs don’t reach the ground or on other times, we are just nervous. But, the main part of body taking bearing all that burden is the spinal cord. Not sitting properly on the chair does not give proper support to the hips and the body is not in a relaxed position. Thus, sit with your buttocks touching the back of the chair and keep your spine upright. You don’t have to sit poker straight but keeping spine in s reasonably straight position helps in strengthening the spine as well as providing proper support for the body. It is difficult to get used to in the starting so you may slump once every half hour for 2-3 minutes as a relaxation.
Also, it is said that keeping your spine poker straight at 90 degrees from the ground level is not relaxing but strains the spine. So, you can get a chair which has 105-135 degrees angle or you may also use a soft pillow to cushion the small of your back just above the buttock region. Either or doing both of these also helps in relaxing the spine a lot and creates a comfortable position for anyone to sit in.And, don’t forget to rest your legs on a stool or something raised above the ground. Generally, a chair which has a holding connecting the legs acts as a good foot stool.

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