Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock {Product Review}

I love this sunscreen to bits and pieces.
Price: 450 INR for 88 ml (thanks Gautami!!!)
My Experience
This is the best sunscreen I have used till date. I have tried lots and lots of sunscreens and have always hated everyone of them. This is the only one I have been consistent with in usage. It is definitely very expensive so it goes only on my face and neck. Biotique sunscreens are great for my hands and other parts of the body so it works out to be complimentary solution. It doesn’t get oily, keeps the face matte and oil free completely. I have stayed with this suncreen for four hours under the sun literally. And, at the end, my face ended up with just a wee-bit of oil which was a combination of oil and sweat. Then, I have used it during my vacations on the beach and in the hills and it gives great protection all round. Since it is spf 50, I leave it for around 4 hours and my skin hasn’t tanned a lot (may be a little). Reapplication after 4 hors is obviously necessary.
The texture is very sheer so if you spread even a little bit of sunscreen on your hands, it feels very creamy. It spreads very easily and gets absorbed easily. If you are applying it in little quantity, it gets absorbed soon but if you apply it in a thick layer, then it takes around 10-15 minutes to get completely absorbed. Now, let me point out one thing. This product is a sunblock not a sunscreen (even though I have used that word). I prefer sunblock to sunscreens coz sunblocks don’t get absorbed into the skin. Instead, they stay on the skin and deflect the sun’s rays. So, technically, you can apply a sunblock and go into the sun immediately. What I fail to understand is that why should this be, then, applied 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. I would love an asnwer to this question and would ask Neutrogena people to answer it. Another problem with the product is that it stings in the eye so be very careful while applying it in the eye area.
My Recommendation
You should definitely buy it. Sunscreens are very important and spending on a good one is well-worth the cost.PS: I had intended to point out that this sunblock is not moisturizing at all but it slipped from my mind while writing the review. Thanks to Dhanu that she reminded me. The sunscreen might be moisturizing enough for oily skins but combination, normal and dry skin need a moisturizer before using the sunblock.


  1. gautami tripathy says

    I have use all kinds of Sunscreens and Sunblocks. I found this THE best. My skin does not get burnt. And I don’t reapply after 4 hours either.

    And it is 88 ml, not 80! There is smaller pack available too, 30 ml for Rs. 150. I carry that always.This is my HG.

    I use Amway Attitude (Rs 349 for 150 ml)on my hands, arms and feet. That too is good. I like the Biotique ones too. But nothing compares with Neutrogena!!

  2. says

    @gautami…oh will surely correct the mistake :) and yeah nothing beats Neutrogena…yeah taking the smaller tube around is easy but I carried this only in my entire vacation and the only prob which I faced was that the sunscreen keeps spilling out in the flight…can’t blame it though…thats due to the air pressure :) but I really love it….

  3. says

    @Prerna…same thing happened to me too…the first time I applied it I fell in love with it and I don’t think I would change it anymore…I would love to try the Norwegian sunscreen of Neutrogena too but I donno if its available in India….they should really bring all their products here…there is definitely a huge market!!!

  4. says

    Hello Swati, Nice review…i was in two minds if i need to go for Neutrogena or Lakme…but now that both you and Prerana have voiced Neutrogena,,,,i will surely go for this….am not super oily…but a bit…..
    do you apply a moisturisor and then use sunblock or u directly use sunblock on the face!!

  5. says

    @dhanu yeah go for Neutrogena and you will be definitely happy with it :)
    btw…thanks…you reminded me a very important point of the sunscreen…it is not moisturizing at all so moisturizer has to be applied…it just a sunblock and does its job well…I shall put that in the post too :)

  6. says

    Hello Swati,
    Thank you so much for the update. I will go for it.
    Between, any recommendation on the sunscreen for the body!!!.
    Hey you have got wonderful site..very information.

  7. says

    hey Dhanu…thanks for your kind words :)
    you can use Biotique sunscreens for body..they are amazing and herbal too and they are really good at protecting the skin…go for the carrot or aloevera one…rest all sunscreens are very sticky and make your skin sweat :(

  8. chidimma says

    i have been changing cream ever since i started using cream but still not seen the best cream for my skin, i have the same skin colour with Chika ik the actress, i just need the best cream and body wash for my skin so that i can stop changing cream pls…

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