Neutrogena Deep Clean Shampoo {Product Review}

I didn’t buy this but got the Neutrogena goodies at Hilton, Delhi. I don’t think Neutrogena has launched its hair care products in India. Heard that the Triple Moisture range is just awesome. I hope it launches the hair care range in India soon.
Oh, it has got a really big ingredient list and is full of chemicals as all Neutrogena products. Since you have seen the size of the bottle and the print is not very clear since it is transparent, so I can not reproduce the entire list here. But, it does contain SLS, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (is same as SLS) and Propyl Paraben in case you are interested in these specific ingredients.
My Experience
I loved this shampoo. Generally, I wouldn’t know how to review a shampoo coz for me, generally, all are one. But, I have used this one following up with and without any conditioner. For the first time, I used no conditioner coz I wanted to see how it works and it cleansed my hair really clean without making it dry (my hair is quite dry and gets dry very easily). Very less of the product required and it does lather well. No frizzes and no flyaways. My scalp was also not feeling dry and stretchy as it does sometimes with some of the shampoos. And, it does make my hair feel heavy and voluminous which is a very big thing for a shampoo. It leaves hair soft, shiny and bouncy even without the help of a conditioner which is a lot from a shampoo. I think it has been now replaced with Clean Replenishing range.
My Recommendation
Should be tried once to see if it suits your hair!!! So, try it out when it gets launched here :)


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    wow swati, i would really like to use this..can u let me know its ingredients also?? does it have SLS ? looks ve mild and soothing:)

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    hey Anamika…yup this does have SLS and parabens but it is pretty mild and I have seen neutrogena clean shampoo range in supermarkets so you can check them out :)

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