Name for a Baby Girl {Reader’s Query}

Hey all!! So, one of my lovely reader, Punam, has been blessed with a baby girl recently. And, she had asked me for some names for here daughter. So, I request all of you to toss some names for a baby girl. Horoscopically, the name of the baby should begin with a ‘cha’ or ‘tha’ in Hindi. But, Punam is looking for any name beginning with ‘a’ either. Please do share whatever nice names you can think of for her baby :)


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    At the top of my head – For names in A: Ananya, Anusuya, Anamika, Apoorva, Aditi, Aakriti, Aanchal, Aapti, Aarohi, Asha, Aarti, Akshata, Alpana. Will try to think of more.

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    sure Phookie…lot of names to start with…I did think of Akriti and Ananya…they both are really pretty names…Aarohi too…rest all are still a little common though :)

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    i am new to this blog. i couldnt stop myself from commenting here…

    there is a name i love:

    Aiyana : meaning “eternal blossom”

    i love this name and its meaning…although the origin is not indian…its welsh i think. i thought i should share it..

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    Hi Nandini….welcome to my blog :) hope you like it…
    and thanks for sharing this name…its so different…I am not even sure how it is pronounced…and I should add that your name is pretty too…I do like the name since HDDCS :)

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