Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser {Product Review}

Pink Mass wrapped in the sea weed
My second purchase from Lush and not much of a hope!!!
Price: 643 INR for 110 gms
full of amazing ingredients which is really a good thing – glycerin, calamine powder, Irish moss infusion, aloe vera, sea salt, nori seaweed, sweet orange, patchouli oil, carrageenan and perfume
My Experience
It looks peachy encircled in green and really gross green, actually, but since it is seaweed and Lush, you will forgive everything. So, you require a really less quantity of the cleanser – more like a peanut size. The direction is to make a paste with water and use as a regular cleanser but it is better to take the peanut size and rub it all over your wet face. It dissolves easily that way and many of the reviews suggest the same thing. You can feel the clay. It smells weird but likable once you get used to it so nothing to worry about. And, since it is so costly, I would like to get maximum out of it, so I massage it for 2-3 minutes over the face. It does cleanse the face really well. Does not leave any residue behind and leaves the skin soft. But, it can not even remove a simple kajal so it doesn’t remove make up at all.
I have been using this on and off since February and I have noticed that it used to dry my face during the colder temperatures where as it is just fine now a days. I have a combination skin which is towards dry side. So, keeping that in view, it wouldn’t suit people with dry skin (I don’t think it is meant for them) and people living in hilly regions. The climate there is too dry so you need something which can hydrate and moisturize your skin. I donno if I have a very strong reason but I can just say that it is fine but nothing great for me certainly nothing special after looking at the price I bought it for. Well, I get better results using besan which costs only pennies. Not that I am abusing Lush or something but my experience with both the products I have used till now (Caca Noir, this one and even Porridge Soap which I haven’t yet reviewed) has not been great. So, I think I’ll take a little break from Lush and revisit at a later point it for some masks and scrubs which is a better idea.
My Recommendation
Try it in the shop and wait for an hour or two and then decide for yourself if you want it or not. Try it on your face not hands. Don’t feel ashamed or anything. You are after all gonna pay a lot for it. You might end up liking it coz it did get rave reviews all over the blogosphere.


  1. Ik says

    aww sad it do much.. Lush is pretty hit and miss for most people.. But its a huge price to pay for that.. :)

  2. says

    hey Ik…yeah I guess so too now but seriously it makes you bare just to know it wasnt that good so its better to do some intelligent shopping there :) I definitely wanna use the coal face though coz of the charcoal in it but for now I’ll probably stick to the the new ponds face wash…would go and buy that 😉

  3. says

    hey Bhumika…yeah me not too happy but I have seen many others raving about its products…may be its just that they don’t seem that worthy to me as much as I am paying for them…example this cleanser is doing the same job as countless cleansers but costs almost 5 times more which is a bit of heartbreak if it doesn’t work :( and frankly I found the porridge soap to be horrible…I chose it coz of its smell and heard so much bout it but it just doesn’t work!!! aaah…I am complaining now!!!!

  4. Rajeshwari says

    Good review Swati…really when you are paying so much for a product much hyped, it should come up to your expectations…

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