Keep your head parallel to the ground

Well, you might think that you are doing that but most of the times, your neck is bent over whatever you are doing. So, take care and avoid doing that. Instead, use your eyes to look at the whatever you are doing unless you are really bending over something. Do not drop and bend your neck separately. Ideally, your head and neck should always be at 90 degrees to the ground even while you are working on a computer. Yes, that is why it is advantageous to learn typing. (In case you think I know typing, no I don’t!!) But, I am not preaching here, just stating a simple fact of how it should be. Keep the head portion straight even while walking. It is not always if you notice. But, refrain from putting your nose in the air, trust me some people do that!!! Probably, they don’t know. And, some slump their necks which makes them look unconfident. So, both positions are dangerous. See that you are not overdoing either.
An added advantage of this position is that it draws attention to your neck even if it is not that long and makes you look slimmer overall. Btw, if you do this regularly, you will see an immediate change int he shape of your neck too. There is a reduction in the fat deposit in the neck area and it makes you look taller and confident.

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