How to make Rose Milk {DIY}

I did a very interesting DIY lately so sharing the recipe with you.
  • Rose petals
  • Milk / Water
Method: You can soak the rose petals overnight in milk or make the rose milk from fresh flowers. If you are soaking petals overnight, then pour enough milk to cover the rose petals and no more otherwise it might spill while blending. Blend the petals in milk. The texture would be scrubby instead of being plain milky. You can use this milk in any beauty routine. 

I have used pink, maroon and red roses so the result was a pretty purple. I haven’t yet figured how to use the milk so will post on it later. This will probably stay for two weeks in the fridge but I made it in not a very huge quantity so it will get finished before two weeks. 


  • Oily skin people should stay away from milk and dairy products so you can soak the petals in water.
  • You can also use essential oils in the milk.


  1. says

    @anamika…yup I use it as a scrub and cleanse my face using this…I have posts lined up on the usage!!!it can be used in any way though…face packs and scrubs and all…try it :)

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