Himalaya Baby Lotion {Product Review}

I did not buy this one but got a smaller bottle for free with the Himalaya baby wipes. I would not review the wipes coz I personally do not like wipes at all. It was an impulse buy thinking that they would be fab but they were just like other wipes. And, anyways, I mistakenly opened the complete packet instead of just removing the top seal and then repacked it but I guess the air was trapped inside and they dried the wipes. So, they are spoiled so I use them as tissue papers now 😀 Anyways, talking about the baby lotion, I don’t know its price since I got it for free.


Well, quite a lot of natural ingredients apart from preservatives.
My Experience
My experience with Himalaya hasn’t been very great except for its scrub and fruit face pack so I am quite skeptical about its products. But the baby lotion was nice to use. It has thin consistency and spreads easily. It is a nice lotion for summer usage. Its moisturizing capability is very less (around 3-4 hours) so people with dry skin will probably not be very happy with it. I had to reapply the lotion after sometime. It smells nice and probably would be good for babies coz they do not need as much moisturizing as we do. So, I guess that it does its job. It does make the skin feel supple after it is applied. It will suit oily skin people well instead. It does feel cool when applied which is great in summers.
My Recommendation
It can be given a try by people with oily and normal skin. Dry skin people wouldn’t be too happy but if you are looking for a light lotion, this is one among others. And, it is a budget buy too coz Himalaya products aren’t that costly.


  1. Anonymous says

    Perfect lotion for people with sensitive skin. I have been using it for almost a year now. I havent had any sun-burn or any related allergies.

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