Furniture and Sitting Postures

Furniture plays a lot of role in determining the body posture of a person. You must be well aware of the ergonomic studies being carried out these days. Did you know that in earlier days, there was a carpenter for each house who used to create the furniture specially for everyone based on their convenience and physical build? Yes, there were ergonomic practices in ancient times too. So, now we understand that how important it is to use the right chair and right stool. Even the furniture brands have research divisions these days. I know Godrej has.
Swivel chairs or rotating chairs should not be used as they put pressure on the back. If you have to use them, use the ones which have adjustment levers so that the chair can be adjusted according to your height. Always have the desk at the right height – not too high or too low. Your hands should always be parallel to the ground while resting on your desk and thighs should also be parallel to the ground while sitting in the chair with your buttock touching the back of the chair. Some offices have become pretty employee friendly in such issues and are taking care of the ergonomic needs while others have to yet realize the importance. If you do not like the furniture at your office, consider buying your own or moving some of the necessities. Some do agree but not all.
Similarly, bucket seats in the cars or the sofas might be too attractive and too comfortable but I do not think they are very friendly coz they suck you in and to get up, you really need to struggles and get up out of them. This is entirely my opinion. I have not done research on bucket seats. I personally do not like them coz I hate the idea of struggling to getting up and I don’t really feel comfortable in them. Likewise, do not buy a sofa set or other sitting accessories which are too low for someone to sit. It puts a lot of strain. On the other hand, you can use a simple diwan setting which is just an inch or two raised from the ground. But, not anything in between. Thats just too uncomfortable and people, generally, don’t even prefer that. Same things go for beds.
When it comes to dining tables, it is better to buy chairs which do not have cushions. And, the chair should be of the right size to the table. You might have noticed in some restaurants which have sofas, if you sit on the sofas, you just fall into it and it is on an uncomfortable level in respect to the table. So, remember that while selecting your dining tables.

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