Eye Sight and Retina Detachment {Health}

Hi guys!!!
So, this post is about Retina Detachment. This is something very important for people who suffer from myopic (negative power) eyesight.
Retina Detachment means what the term states – the retina detaches from other layers of the eye and, as you can infer, it can lead to blindness and acute vision problems. This disorder stats at a very early age and takes a considerable time to spread and cause severe problems. Thus, it is very important to get your retina checked regularly for early diagnosis of any such disorder. This disorder starts with little pockets of holes in the retina which can be easily treated by laser treatment. So, go to a retina specialist if you have even an eye sight of -1. The doctor himself said that the holes in the retina can occur for anyone who has eye sight problems whether it is high or negligible.
So, how did I come across this. Well, I was recommended to a retina specialist by my regular eye doc. And, he told me I had three holes in my left eye retina so he did the laser treatment (Laser Photocoagulation) in which the eye vessels are fused or burned or something which I am not entirely clear off coz I really didn’t ask the doc what he was doing. Well, this laser does hurt. It is a simple procedure which doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for a single hole but when the laser is pointed in the eye, it hurts bad (not really bad but its a completely different feeling which I can’t explain). This treatment is different from that of getting rid of the eye sight (in case you are confused among both). But, there are no after-effects yet. I had this procedure two weeks back. That day, I suffered with a bad pain in the eyebrow bone for which I had to take a combiflame when I realized I couldn’t handle it (I like to avoid medicines). I was given eye drops course which was necessary to be put in the eyes for 4-5 times a day without fail. Thats it. Nothing else and no problem in vision or anything. But, yup, there is one thing – stay away from sunlight. Even after this long time, my eyes have started to hurt me if stay for more than an hour in strong sunlight. I think eyes will take a little time to get adjusted to the glare. But, nothing to worry about otherwise.
So, don’t forget to talk to your eye doc and ask about retina check up next time. And, yes, it is must that you visit an eye doc every six months or one year if you are under 40 but for people over 40, every six months is a must coz there is a high probability of cataract and glaucoma.


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    Oh wow, this really hits home because I had the exact same thing. 2 holes in my left retina for which I had to have laser. And yes you are absolutely right – it hurts like hell. It feels really surreal to read your post! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    glad to know there is some one who went through the same thing :) it does hurt but not anymore…did you notice any side effects though???

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    It sounds like retinal problems are more serious than I first though. I definitely need to be more aware of what is going on, because with as high stakes as you mention, it is not worth messing around. I’ll have to get into a doctor to check out my eyes and see what exactly is going on, and may undergo some retinal procedures.

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