Dabur Gulabari Moisturizing Cold Cream with Rose Extracts {Product Review}

An impulse buy!!!
Price: 26 INR (extremely affordable!!)
Not a complete list of ingredients.
My Experience
On opening the bottle, first reaction is it is so cute colored – a light pink and it looks like a very light moisturizer. But, don’t be fooled. It is heavy and oily. Not suitable for combination or oily skin at all. Will suit dry skin people well so gals, go for it. It smells heavily of artificial roses which I hate a lot. But, coming to the good part, it is a great cream for feet and hands. If you are the kind who has to wash hands after touching literally anything (like me), you need something to moisturize your hands regularly and this is one cream which would do just that. It acts as a great night cream for hands and feet too (imagine how oily it is as it is great for feet!!!). One great thing is that it comes in a sturdy tub which can be used after the cream finishes and it is very much affordable. One great thing is that it moisturizes the cuticles and nails too. I finished the cream so unfortunately, I don’t have the pics.
My Recommendation
If you are someone who likes hand creams, you should give this a try. Very much inexpensive as opposed to the hand creams available in the market. And, this is not one of the moisturizers which makes you feel parched after getting washed off.

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