Cleanse your face with Rose Milk {DIY}

Rose Milk DIY at Perfect Skin Care for you
I had posted about the DIY rose milk I made couple of days back. I used it to cleanse my face at night with it without using any cleanser. Since the texture of the milk is scrubby but not spiky so it is perfect for a 2-in-1 cleansing at night. The cleansing action of the rose milk is due to the lactic acid present in milk so I am not sure how well the rose milk made from water would cleanse the skin.
Take a little of the rose milk in your hand and rub it on your face just like a cleanser. Massage the face very gently. The soft rose petals do not exfoliate the skin as such such but they feel nice against the skin and make the skin super soft. It can be drying for some too so following with a moisturizer is very important. But, it cleanses the face really well.
I do not wear makeup and I wasn’t even wearing kajal so I am not sure how well it will remove the makeup though it can be used in conjunction with the makeup remover.


  1. Aloka jha says

    my face and neck colour geting dark day by day in comperision to my bodies other part…specially neck is geting more darken
    what i do..
    plz help me.

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