The Body Shop Wooden Shaving Brush {Accessory Review}

So, guys!!! I am back with a little different product review. I went to TBS in February and came across their shaving brush. It was really soft and amazing so I thought about gifting it to a friend of mine who had birthday around the same time.
Price: 495 INR (on the site but I don’t remember and I got it at 15% discount at that time)

It is the best shaving brush I have ever used.

Obviously, I haven’t used it but only rubbed the bristles on my skin and the bristles are so soft and don’t really hurt the skin at all as opposed to other shaving brushes available. Now, I don’t know how many people still use the shaving brush (since th advent of Gillete gels and foams and all) but it really glides on the skin without hurting it or scratching is what I have been told. It is supposed to have been made from synthetic hair and it really feels so. 
My Recommendation
Well, it is not always girls who need pampering so ladies, go and pamper your darlings!!! It is definitely worth it.

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