The Body Shop Bath Gloves {Accessory Review}

They are so famous among the blogosphere. So, I had to try them.

Price: 225 INR for a pair (I got at 15% discount!!)
My Experience
First of all, the biggest point of these gloves are that they are so easy to put on even when your hands are wet. I have extremely small hands and generally no size fits me. I have to wear kid gloves. These gloves are elastic fit and free size so one fits all. And, not only that, I have never been in my entire life able to wear gloves properly without taking them off at least once. But, this one is so easy to put on and I have never gone wrong with them till now. I have used these gloves like probably four-five times. In the starting, the gloves might feel a bit rough but they soften up in the consequent uses but it is very necessary to use the gloves with a light hand otherwise it can cause the skin to become sore due to over-exfoliation. It is very easy to go overboard with the gloves.
They make the soap or face wash or body wash lather well (I do use face wash as body wash too sometimes!!). And, they clean the skin really well. Squeaky clean. I guess they will remove the film which some products tend to leave but since I use no such product, I have no idea. Also, the gloves don’t entirely dry out the skin leaving it to feel stretchy or something. They are not that costly especially for a TBS product but they should be washed after every usage coz they get really dirty!!! I toss them into surf after every use (which I am really not sure is a great idea so next time I’ll see what to do). And, yes, the gloves leave the skin feeling extremely soft and supple and hydrated after the bath. That’s the reason why your skin doesn’t feel stretchy. But, I have no idea how long a pair would last!! Some change it in a year and some in six months so it depends mainly on how much you use them. Oh, and you can see the loops which are for hanging the gloves. And, it really makes the skin glow.
I tried to use this on the face but it made my face really dry afterwards. I used only a single finger very lightly for scrubbing the face so it wasn’t very harsh on the face. But, it is best to avoid it on the face and neck as they are sensitive regions and can get sore very quickly. The best part is that they are very portable and handy during travel.
My Recommendation
It is great for all kinds of skin but I am not very sure if it is a good idea for sensitive skin. So, sensitive skin gals should watch out!!! Otherwise, it is a must try at least once :) and I am sure, you wouldn’t leave them ever. They can be used with exfoliators too but I guess that would be too harsh (I am not sure, though) but for me, it replaces the body scrubs. I don’t belive in over-doing things so if I am using this, I wouldn’t use anything else and if I use the body scrubs, I wouldn’t dream of using this.


  1. Anonymous says

    just about to replace mine after 3 years (I think or it could be 4) still working on the skin but all lose and floppy on the hands and looking past it, great product, have tried cheaper ones – useless!

    • says

      wow…it worked for 4 years without getting loose?? mine got loose in 6 months of intense use!!! but, yesah, they are good enuf so I am not replacing that soon :)

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