Body Postures and Health Issues

Hey guys!!! I was watching Femina Miss India today (I know I’m late so just felt like catching up). One thing which you notice very soon in these kinds of pageant contests is the carriage of the contestants. They not only talk well and look beautiful but carry themselves pretty well and a major part of that comes with their body postures. Body Posture is a study in a itself and it is extremely important to maintain a good posture. A good posture can make you look thinner, appear taller and enhance your personality; not to mention help you in losing your weight and increases your confidence levels.
Personally, I did try for a week or so maintaining a proper sitting posture with straight back and no slumping at all and honestly, I could tell the difference in my weight, in my height and carriage and also it helped me relieve some of the stress too. Now, I do work on computer a lot and so do a lot of my friends and peers and almost everyone today spends a lot of time on computers. And, of course, its not very easy to sit in front of computers in the swivel chairs so we tend to lose the correct posture after a certain amount of time. And, then there is a matter of office furniture (or a lack of it!!) and we do tend to forget to relax while working on the computer. Yes, concentrating for a long time on computers does play havoc with the minds too in increasing the stress and making us forgetful. So, we forget that we can relax ourselves of the strain by getting up from the chair or looking beyond the screen in front of us. Oh, btw, in case you think getting bigger screen is better, let me tell you bigger the screen more is the strain coz you are very close to the screen.
So, one of my friend always keeps on complaining about back pain or leg aches or wrist strains or neck-shoulder stiffness and she sits in front of the computer for like 8 hours a day on average. I know its lot less if we compare to some of the software geeks but still it is a lot and I do not blame our work for that coz our work can be divided into two parts – in front of computer and away from computer. So, one just have to remember to stay away from computer when not needed. But, then I am not even blaming my friend!!! Its just that the workplace is designed so. Not fair at all.
Then, there is another of the lady who has all sorts of medical issues just due to the bad furniture in her office. She is pretty short so when she sits in a swivel chair, her legs don’t reach the ground so they just remain hanging. Now, you might be aware that no part of your body should be left hanging because the blood circulation stops in those parts of the body. Same thing happened with her legs and now her legs are pretty much weak. Not fair at all, right?? Offices should take care of their employees too.
Now, the next generation is all addicted to video games and computers and who has any time to go outdoors and play some games and have fun!!! The social life today has become restricted to facebook and twitter. So, body problems are bound to arise. How to prevent all these kinds of problems??? Watch out for the next post.

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