Auravedic Reviving Body Cleanser {Product Review}

An extremely gentle cleanser with minimum foam and a very subtle lingering fragrance. I don’t know the price since it was not present on the bottle and I was sent the product for review. The website also doesn’t give any information on the prices but I am sure it is reasonable. Have a look at the range of their products here.
The snap didn’t come very clear so I’ll just write the ingredients as listed.

Lemon Peel Extract, Ginger Extract, Almond Oil, Poly Ethylene Glycol, Geranium Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Ethyl Sulphate, Coco Mono Ethyl Aide, Coco Amido Propyl Butane, Disodium Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid, Preservatives, Glycerin, Aqua, D-Panthenol

So, if we go accoding to the ingredient list, it had quite a huge amount of natural extracts of lemon peels, ginger and aloe vera and good proportion of almond oil and geranium oil for which one should be happy. And, it is quite surprising that the cleanser doesn’t foam a lot even though it has SLES. May be its not that excess in quantity. After all, it is listed in the middle. What concerns me most is the term – Preservatives. That’s pretty ambiguous and I would have wished it to specify what preservatives were used even if they are parabens.
My Experience
First thing you will notice is its smell. It smells faintly of lime and ginger which is soothing to your senses and slightly uplifting. It foams very little but cleanses very thoroughly. It doesn’t leave any film afterward too or make the skin feeling dry or stretchy. Instead, it makes the skin supple and hydrated enough to live without a moisturizer for some hours. I have used it with the Body Shop gloves and even then it didn’t foam a lot. It really behaves like a herbal preparation should for which I love the product. I was looking for a product which is gentle enough for the skin especially during summers and this is probably the best one till date I have used. I have been using it since a week or 10 days and I love it.
My Recommendation
Yes, definitely!!! One should give it a try and I am sure you would love it. Though, there is a question of its availability. It has its retail outlets in Mumbai but I am not sure of any other place in India so Mumbaikars can go and explore its wide range of products.
PS: I would love to make a special mention about the packaging of the entire products they sent me. It was just beautiful and they had put some potpourri petals in the box so when I opened the box, I was greeted with a very pleasant fragrance. The packaging of all its products is simple and utilitarian.
PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.


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