Orange for softer hair

Couple of days back, I had shared a simple recipe for a refreshing bath with orange peels. So, in continuation of that post, I have a simple trick to share which worked fabulously with me. Use this bath water to wash your hair too.
I did and it made my hair so soft which was almost unbelievable and probably a tab bit shiny too. But, my hair has become really soft and it didn’t get dry also. It does help getting rid of dandruff too due to the acidity present in the fruit.


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    hey pretty in colors :) do try and share your results!!!
    oh yes for prickly heat the best is to use ice on the area immediately after exposure to sun and nycil….the combo works great!!!it treated my prickly heat in just a day or two…of course do keep following the application of ice on the area to avoid aggravation and nycil works best for this condition….nothin can beat that but I am not sure if nycil is available :( hope this helps :) and yes do not apply any citrus fruit juice….you can apply fresh watermelon juice or rub a slice of watermelon on the area to provide a cooling effect…

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