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Box of Goodies :)

Hey guys!!! How are you all doing??? So, guess what?? Today’s post is just some goodies sent from Makari (muh-ka-ree). This high-end product line was specially created for the colored population in US and Europe. They claim to be the world’s largest range of skin whitening products and their products can lighten the skin up to five shades. Now, thats a lot of claim definitely but on a serious note, the site and products seem pretty impressive. Have a look at their site here.Now, let us have a look at what all they sent me!!!

Hands, Elbow and Foot clarifying cream – 4 samples of 5ml each
Acnyl Cream for pimples and breakouts – 4 samples of 5ml each
Makari Clarifying exfoliating antiseptic soap – 2 soaps of 30 gms each
I read on their site that their products show results within 2-4 weeks. So, to be on the safe side, I shall review the soap in 3 weeks exactly from today (on 30th March). I have started using the soap and I would say that the first use was great. I am using it just on my face. And, it takes very little soap for the face but leaves the face extremely soft and moisturized and visibly brighter. So, I am hoping good results from it :)
PS: The products were sent by the brand for consideration.


  1. says

    this seems to be a very interesting product since it claims to use all natural ingredients and still be able to deliver very fast and dramatic results. but when I read the reviews, I got really scared! Some said their skin was heavenly at first but once they stopped using Makari, their skin became much darker than it was before. Some even suffered severe acne breakouts that left very dark marks. :S

  2. says

    @Vivi ur scaring me :) I donno but will chec out the other reviews too then….but the product line is interesting…

    @Kuheli thanks a lot :) surely would visit your blog!!!

    @Nivedita thanks :)

  3. says

    I tried the soap..was kinda ok..d granules feel gritty later..n skin feels dry sumtyms…dey say to keep the foam for 5 mins or so..but i was scared dat it wud dry out my dint keep long :(

  4. says

    hey Bhumika…yup I read the review on your blog…I used the soap and actually kept the foam on my face…it didn’t dry out my skin though and the soap felt very creamy…lets see how it works :)

  5. says

    sorry!!! i didn’t mean to scare you. it’s just that the other reviews scared me. i was v interested at their caviar line :) anyway, ill wait for your review! :)

  6. says

    hey Vivi…that was very nice of you to share this info with me :) don’t mind I was partially kidding 😀 and yeah sometimes the reviews can be scary!!!!

  7. says

    hey Masoom…welcome to my blog and thankyou for kind words…but the above-mentioned post is not a review…btw you are really cute…saw your blog :)

  8. Anonymous says

    I tried the soap many times, it didn’t work for me.I got rush skin, and very irritatting indeed.My Makari supplier just told me that my skin is not compatible with the soap.However,the lotion is perfect and I still use it.

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