Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to avoid breakouts

Hey guys!! I have been missing since a long time and have been giving you all a really weird collection of on and off posts which are not at all close to skin or hair care. I shall remain MIA for some more time and sporadic posts might continue. I am not ill or traveling or anything of the sort, just that I am having blogger’s block ๐Ÿ˜€

So, getting on with the post,this post is for all those people who suffer from mild to heavy breakouts. And, also for the people who do not mind taking extra steps to keep their skin in good shape from inside out. We are all aware that skin care starts from inside and continues outside. So, how to avoid the breakouts? Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. I have been doing this very lately coz I had a really bad bout of breakouts (actually cystic acne!!) and this has helped me so much.
How to drink Apple Cider Vinegar??
Ok, do not drink this vinegar raw ever. I am sure it will upset your stomach for a very long time. Add a table spoon of the Apple Cider Vinegar in one liter of drinking water. Yup, it is that simple and keep on sipping it regularly. Do not take more than one bottle in a day and avoid it when your skin is behaving properly. This remedy will work even when the inflammation or the breakout has already started on the skin.
One caution here: When water is mixed with vinegar, it has a really weird flavor. Apple Cider Vinegar tastes somewhat bitter with flavor of apple juice. It can be a bit difficult in the starting but it becomes fine when one gets used to it. Keep a separate bottle of water to quench your thirst when you desperately need water because this vinegar mixed water cannot quench your thirst.
Apart from this slight discomfort, making this a regular habit will yield you results in a day. Since the vinegar has to act on the inside so be a little patient. I did see results in a day but giving it time will do no harm and it will definitely improve the skin condition. Apple Cider Vinegar is anti-inflammatory thus cure the inflammation in the body immediately. It also helps with weight loss and tones up your skin from inside. I will do another post on benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar but till then you can enjoy freedom from any kind of a minor or a major breakout.
Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar??
I am not very sure if this vinegar is available very widely in India. I checked out for it in Hyper City so you might want to go there or go to a really huge supermarket. I bought the one available – American Garden and it costs 110 bucks.


  1. says

    hey…well I have pointed that out in the post but probably not very clearly so yes even those who do not suffer from breakouts can take it once in a day twice in a week but not more than that…being regular with its intake is good for health as it has a lot of health benefits including weight loss and bringing a glow to the skin so yes you can take it :) would write another post on health benefits of apple cider vinegar also :)

    • Anonymous says

      I hav bought american garden acv today….i hav diluyed one tsp in one glass n drank in sips but after one hr of dinner…i wana loose weight….did u get any benefit feom it? Lost weight?

    • says

      yes it does help in losing weight but do not drink it more than thrice a week :) and, one table spoon acv diluted in a glass of water. it specially burns the belly fat!

  2. Des says

    Can i drink this even if i had no breakouts, i just want to improve my health, cos i’ve red a lot of blogs saying that ACV is good for the health too. Thanks!

    • says

      well, in case of no breakouts, I would advise to avoid it altogether. in taking a proper balanced and healthy diet is more fruitful for good health!!

  3. Abiola says

    Please dear, I’m a Nigerian girl with serious acne issue. The 1L diluted should I drink it all in a day or if I take more than 1L per day, I can still mix the next liter taking.

  4. Richa says

    Hey hie i have heard that people recommend Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (from the mother) filtered organic..so Will using American apple cider vinegar help?
    And yup one more question can we apply it on our face as a toner morning and night???

    • says

      Hi Richa, I am not sure of the brand but any apple cider vinegar would work.yes, you can apply it as a toner but do not apply vinegar directly. Follow the instructions in the post.

  5. suman says

    hey does it really works? has anybody used it. pleasw share the results. I am suffering from the skin inflammation for a long time. sometimes my skin becomes clear all by itself but mostly its oily and full of pimples and acne. My skin is sensitive and easily gets irritated if I keep washing it to clean the oil. Its a unending cycle. please help.

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