Patanjali Tejus Tailum Body and Hair Oil {Product Review}

So, here is another of the product from the collection of Baba Ramdev. This is not much of a review coz I never got to using it as such. Well, I’ll explain that in a minute.This oil is supposedly a body massage oil but also good for hair. It also is said to improve the muscle strength. The color of the oil is dark brown though my bottle is empty.
Price: 60 INR for 100ml
A very impressive list of ingredients. Let me just recount them in case the pic is not clear. Sorry for the flash but this was the most clear pic I got. So, every 10 ml of the oil contains almond oil, olive oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, soyabean oil, peanut (groundnut) oil, mustard oil and castor oil in some proportions. So, reading the list of ingredients, anyone would be tempted to buy the oil.
My Experience
Ok, so as I said that I never got to using the oil as such. What I really meant by that statement was that I couldn’t bring myself to use it afetr at max 2-3 times in the starting. Why?? The first time I opened the bottle, my head started to ache. The smell of this oil is too strong to bear. And, it is really very very strong. I have never been fan of strong perfumes and deos but this one takes the cake and the icing. I really fail to understand that why do they need to put a perfume when you are selling natural products. Had that smell not been there, I probably would have fallen in love with the oil. But, now I would never find out :(
It surely is a great product owing to the fabulous ingredients. I did manage to apply the oil as a body lotion one or two nights in the start and it was moisturizing enough. My skin didn’t feel dry or parched. Very little oil is enough. No difference in the smoothness of the skin by morning though but then I didn’t really notice that. But, then one or two days might not be enough. I applied it once on my hair but didn’t notice any difference. It would be unfair of me to say that the product is worthless coz I really didn’t use it enough to judge. So, the only point I would put is that this is not for people who can’t handle smells.
I really wish Ayurvedic products do not go into the cosmetics gimmick of great fragrances and elaborate packaging which costs more than the worth of the product. I wish I could send them a feedback about this. So, why is my bottle empty. I didn’t know how to use this oil so I mixed the oil with baby oil and kumkumadi oil and used it. The fragrance did soften down after mixing and my body did glow but then I am not sure about the reason coz it might have been this oil or the kumkumadi oil or even my apricot soap which I have been using and it is excellent. So, I am kinda confused about that. I’ll surely use this oil alone if I buy it next time but that is unlikely so anyone who has used the oil is using, please do comment and share your reviews :) I would love to hear your experience about the product.
My Recommendation
Not to be too biased but this oil is definitely not for people who can’t take strong smells. This might be a good product but you certainly do not want to harm your smell sense. Those who can take really strong perfumes and deos can give this a try.


  1. says

    i didn’t try this oil but i did try their body lotion, almond oil hair oil and many many things 😀
    will check this out..i am impressed with patanjali :)

  2. says

    oh, I thought you said in one of your posts that you tried their oil…you were probably talking of almond oil then..shall have to edit out that part…do try and post your reviews if you can get past its smell :) would love to know if it actually does anything….

    • sabu says

      It can be applied to face and wash out before going out or oly as body message i.e arms?..General info i want to be know..As it has the property for skin glow and hairfall.. It ll increase the hair growth on the body..?
      One more info.. When I applied in face before gng to bed and morning I found my skin little rough after wash.. so my question s Can i use this oil in face or not?

    • says

      yes, it is a body oil as well but I can’t account for the roughness on skin. it can also depend on the face wash you used!! also, yes, it might increase the hair growth as it an oil after all which is meant for hair as well. yes, it can be used as a moisturizer after bath :)

  3. Anonymous says

    i am going through baldness and hair loss …do you know any other oil other then divya kesh tel tht i could use

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