Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap {Product Review}

I am not a big fan of soaps but then I do not care much for body washes too. I use whatever catches my eye and end up not picking it up again. But, this soap was undoubtedly one of the mentionable ones.I got this soap after reading its review by Anamika. Well, I had never used clay soaps and this intrigued me coz multani mitti is gentle enough to be used as a daily exfoliant.
Before starting on with the review, I would like to introduce Patanjali to all of you who are not aware. It is the brand started by Baba Ramdev and sells all the ayurvedic concoctions and products. They have also recently forayed into cosmetics where you can find a lot of interesting products. For a list of products, check out their website. Also, these products are available only at Patanjali shops which are opening at almost all places now a days so keep a lookout in your vicinity. They also have an online shopping point mentioned in their website.
Price – 35 INR
An impressive list of ingredients. I am not very sure if you can read all the ingredients so I will just recount the most important ones – turmeric, sandalwood, aloevera, brahmi, neem, manjishtha, tulsi, bhringraj, liquorice and reetha – the ones which I know from the list. The base material of the soap is supposedly has oil base, multani mitti, zinc oxide and jasmine scent or fragrance.
Zinc Oxide is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory along with being a broad-spectrum sunblock agent. It is especially useful for people with inflamed skin.
Liquorice helps in skin lightening but is also useful for treating dry skin and eczema, psoriasis and such kinds of skin conditions.
Manjishtha is again an another inflammatory which cleanses the skin and soothes it.
My Experience
I loved the soap because it doesn’t dry the skin like others do. The multani mitti is actually there. The soap is long over otherwise I would have clicked it. It lathers a lot, is muddy in color (similar to that of multani mitti only) and has a very strong jasmine smell which rises a notch in the bath which I do not really like but can bear. The grittiness of multani mitti is exfoliating and very gentle on the skin. The soap gives a very clean feel after the shower and doesn’t leave any residue behind which some soaps do (I do not like the residue at all so that’s a plus for me!).
Once I accidentally dropped the soap in my bucket which was full of very hot water so the soap ended up staying for around 5-7 minutes in the water. When I finished my bath, I fetched out the soap. It was completely soft and there was nothing but multani mitti in my hand. My fingers indented the soap and its shape changed completely. Though, after a few hours, the soap again firmed up but obviously in a very weird shape which was apparently very ergonomic for me :) So, according to me, this is a good soap to be bought.
A single bar lasted me around one to one and a half month so it just doesn’t dissolve in water.
My Recommendation
A good substitute for the commercial soaps, is far more inexpensive and does a better job if you compare it with high-end soaps like Dove and Olay.


  1. Megha says

    Thanks for the review…I also have tried their aloe vera gel (as per ur recommendation)…it works fab for me…sumtimes I dont even need an additional moisturiser….makes skin so soft and smooth

  2. says

    @beautydiva waiting for your review on the soap :)

    @Megha I am so happy that aloevera gel worked fab for you…would love it if you would like to review it :)

    @Jiya I hope you get a lot of products from their site and review them :) and hope they all work well for you….

  3. says

    I am new to your blog and I LOVE it! Especially the articles on skin & hair! Where can I purchase Multani Mitti soap in US? Are Patanjali products sold in US? Thank you.

  4. Shruti says

    Hi Swati,
    I have combination – oily skin.

    I bought this soap and I simply love its smell.
    I also bought the Aloe Vera Gel from Patanjali.

    I am suddenly getting lots of pimples on my head and cheeks, so wanted to try Aloe Vera Gel from Patanjali.
    I am applying it the following way.
    At night after washing my face, I apply it except on eyes & lips and keep it overnight.
    In morning, I wash it off with water.

    Please tell me if its correct way or no?
    Also, can I apply it on eyes & lips too?

  5. says

    @balencia I am so sorry for the delayed reply….somehow I missed replying to your comment…thanks a lot for your kind words :)
    unfortunately Patanjali products are not available in US…but I guess they can be ordered online from their official site…this is the link to their site…
    hope this helps :) and I am again sorry for being late in replying!!!

  6. says

    @Shruti yeah this soap smells nice and subtle and the aloe gel is fine.
    before replying to your question, how does your face feel right after applying the aloe gel and the next morning…does your face feel stretched coz it generally happens with aloe…if you don’t feel stretched and your face feels soft and light next morning, then you can surely apply it around the eyes (don’t apply if your skin feels stretched anywhere at all) but avoid the lips coz you might accidentally ingest some and its not completely natural for ingestion…

  7. Shruti says

    Hi Swati,
    My face doesn’t feel much stretched just a little the next morning.
    But the gel is supposed to be completely absorbed or no? I can feel a layer on my face in the morning or am I applying alot?
    Also, I think this gel can be applied on hair too?
    Will it work on oiled hair / onion juice + oil hair?

  8. says

    hey Shruti…yeah I was thinking that aloe does stretch the skin so I think you shouldn’t apply it like a moisturizer…you can apply and keep it for 15-20 min and then wash it off like a mask….coz aloe does dry the skin or if you think any oil suits your face, mix the oil with aloe and then apply…btw for eye area, almond oil does wonders so you can use that and don’t worry about the oiliness coz you just need a drop for each eye area…
    this gel can be applied on hair too but I have used it as a part of hair masks but never applied it naked so I don’t know how it works…I did use aloe gel straight from the plant and it does wonders but I am not really sure of this gel and I personally didn’t really like this gel….but I think you can mix it with oil and use it but I have no idea about the results…and since your skin does feel a bit stretched so don’t apply the gel to your eyes coz the area is very delicate and already dry and any stretching and drying of that area will help in causing wrinkles and fine lines!!! hope this helps :)

  9. says

    hi swati,after reading your review i bought this soap yesterday.i have used it only twice but i am so loving it… May be this will be my HG soap … By-the-way,my skin feel a lil bit dry after using it.but i guess,it is since i have dry skin.So,today i bought a big bottle of glycerin and i am using it with patanjali rose water as my new natural moisturizer…

  10. says

    you might be feeling dry coz of the multani mitti in the soap and in case the dryness becomes strechy feely then stop using the soap coz it will unnecessarily mak your skin parched…instead for moisturization, I would suggest camay or yardley soaps….international camay in black color is awesome in case you don’t get yardley!!!

  11. says

    I am not sure how lavender would work but yup do give them a try!!! I was supposed to buy a soap but I forgot the last time I went to the store…I did’t review it coz last time, the whole bar of soap went down the drain my bathroom ๐Ÿ˜€ but I shall review it again when I use it!!!

  12. Anonymous says

    I was lucky to find your site. Thanks for sharing this information. I find it very informatory as I have been studying a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about…

  13. saurav says

    can we use the patanjali ojas multani mitti soap on face….i have heard that soaps meant for body should not be applied on face as they are not so mild and alternates the ph level of our skin

  14. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, LOVE YOUR BLOG :)I must agree with you, almond oil is fabulous for the skin and the under eye area. My skin had become so dry it was almost flaking !! I started to use almond oil along with my herbal night cream and just after two days my skin had become baby soft. I use it regularly now. Thanks for all your wonderful tips.

  15. ranu says

    hey can u please give me advice that this OJAS soap is good for pimple porn skin… i have pimples on my face.. & i have used so many product but no effect. by using that products i got so much oil & pimple on my face.. that’s why i am very much in tension. please Swati Murti ji suggest me if i use this soap then it will control my pimples & oil.. give me right direction.. please friends help me

  16. says

    Hi Swati…I am facing the dry skin problem from 5-6 years, I have tried too many soaps…currently I am using Dove Soap…but still after taking bath…I feel dryness on my face. I regularly use moisturizer on my face and hands.
    Will Ojas soap and Aleo vera gel help me.

  17. Anonymous says

    hi swati murti ji, i am sounak, i am extremely tanned..i tried each and evrythng to remove it, bt all thng just goes to vain..i am very much frustated now.. plz hlp me out… dont give any home remedies becuse now i am little bit impatient, i dont want to wait too longer for the result…plz hlp me…

  18. Anonymous says

    As i am student so it is very hard to stay out of sun from 10-5
    . i already use sunscreen but with no effect…and i became very tanned with little exposure to sun…and it is very awkward to take umbrella.. and one more thing i hv a very facial sweating to control it???? thanks….

    • says

      which sunscreen do you use?? well, taking umbrella is not at all awkward…it absolutely fine. why do you get conscious??? and, for tanning, use potato juice on your skin.
      for facial sweating, i can only say that using a compact or loose powder can help. i know its a huge issue and i haven’t found any solution to it except staying in an airy place but that’s not always possible, i know. try out compacts. they might help. and, sunscreen induces more sweat, btw.

  19. Anonymous says

    i use arish sunscreen, bt i thnk it has no effect…my skin is getting darker day by day…can tan ever be reduced completely with potato juice?????
    also tell me some good sunscreen….. i hear sun block is better than sun screen is it true???if true which sun block should i use?????? thanks…..

    • says

      sunscreen and sunblock are essentially same…if you want more knowledge on sunscreen, you can check out the sunscreen section in categories (accessible on top of the page in the navigation bar). I would suggest neutrogena sunscreen dry touch one. and, also, you should apply sunscreen in appropriate quantities for proper protection.
      well, i don’t know about completely but it would be better than not using at all and it also depends on how skin reacts to a remedy.

  20. Anonymous says

    Hello swathi ji,
    My face has full of pimples nd also its becoming so oily……give me sum suggestion plzzzz
    I am alrady using kantilep,kayakalp nd mahamanjishthadi kwaath bt dey r nt preventing my face………plzzz help me wat i have to do

  21. Anonymous says

    All Patanjali product are very good, specially they contain pure ayurvedic medicine which is not harmful or any side effect, i m not very big ramdev baba fan, but i love his patanjali products and yoga. I tried some of these product like dantkanti toothpest, aloe veera gel & lotion, badam paak, honey, soap, and the best one his shampoo is amazing, realy.
    Omi sharma

  22. says

    i want to know if there is any product i can use for my eczema skin.i am very much troubled by past 8 to 9 months. i have got eczema on my skin and the face turns red and extremely dry..and the skin peels out..:(..pls help me

  23. taruni says

    hiii i have oily skin & used many medicated soaps & medicines bt the main problem is of open pores on my cheeks & forehead.I cant explain how embarrassing i feel to go in sunlight & to mingle with can u plz suggest me the soap or any product for my skin problem??

  24. anuu says

    dear mam ,
    i am using KESH KANTI shampoo and my hair become very dry ……also cause same split end in my hair
    plz tel me same another shampoo which does not have SLES because i have lot’s of hair fall problem…….
    plz mam give me reply

  25. Anonymous says

    hello mam,it’s a pleasure having come across this link! Thank you billions. :).
    My problem is acne- face,shoulders,on the back too. Had to undergo chemical peeling (a dermatological procedure) to get rid of the pigmentation i was left with after d pimples wear off. So please suggest me a soap that basically reduces the incidence of acne eruption. And,if any remedy for pigmentation too. And lastly, any advise on how to deal with underarm blackening?
    (i am a female of 22yrs)

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am suffering from Melasma(Black Dark patches on both the side of chicks,it feel rediculous).Can patanjali treatment helps me to get rid of this for sure? If, how much time will t take to remove this pigmentation?
    I tried lot but all medicine are helpless. please reply me on

    • says

      i would suggest you to consult a doctor for it. but, if all the medicines are helpless, use tomato or potato juice on those patches every night after cleaning your face. let it dry and wash off. and moisturize.

  27. sonali says

    Hi mam…plz tell me what should i use on my skin… colour is wheatish brown….nw i am using medimix soap…..

  28. says

    i am having backacne problem and also having oily skin (Type-T) on face and i really fed up with treatments and get rid of this problem. My question is which product of patanjali (soap) help me

  29. Arpit Nema says

    Hello mam…

    i m arpit 21.. i lik to have beard on my face along with mustake but it cause itching and pimples on face also m having burn scares on my forehead plzz tell me best solution…

    • says

      hi Arpit. ummm…may be excess of beard and moustache is causing the itching. you could probably take it up with someone who understands that issue!!
      for the burn scars and pimples, apply tomato juice every night after washing your face, let it dry and wash off. the scars and pimples should start fading in a week. continue doing the treatment for at least one or two months.

  30. Rita says

    I have used that soap. I dint like the fragrance though the soap was good. I loved there aloe Vera gel and in terms of soap I liked there hand made soap called rose body cleanser. It’s a perfect daily soap with soothing aroma and after bath effect. Please review both the above products.

  31. Rita says

    I have used that soap. I dint like the fragrance though the soap was good. I loved there aloe Vera gel and in terms of soap I liked there hand made soap called rose body cleanser. It’s a perfect daily soap with soothing aroma and after bath effect. Please review both the above products.

  32. Asmita Gaikwad says

    Hi swati mam,
    I m 29 years old.I hv tanning on my neck and I don’t hv even tone so plz suggests me smthing dat helps me,

  33. sangini says

    I have tan on my hand feet and back this soap help me to remove my all this tan…and give me back my older complexion…???

  34. Matilda says

    Hi Swati,
    Nice and useful info. Could you please tell me if there is any product in patanjali which can help with my hyperpigmentation (Melasma). I would be glad to know. I stay in UAE and if you can also tell me if patanjali products are available here.

  35. Honey says

    Hey i am honey .i have lots of tan on my arms nd hands .plz suggest me tan removal soap nd cream.plz i apply so many products…no result found…


    Iam swadhin, My face a few of pimples and Dark spot, i am using Himalaya Neem face wash,Neem Face pack,Ayur Mint Face pack at night, and also when i going outside uses Lotous SPF 40 Sunscreen .
    After all sometime look Fairer and sometime oliy and pimple and dark spots
    Plz recomend me some valueble product, which pimple and dark spots out my face.plz

    • Shagun says

      Cleanse your face properly, you can choose patanjali multani mitti soap, ojas one or himalaya lemon and honey face wash which has little scrub properties also and then use a toner , for oily skin you can choose cucumber or rose water that will dry off easily without leaving any layer of oil and it also helps in tightening the pores. and during day time ,then apply sunscreen(make sure it’s matte and made for oily skin). and At night,follow the same procedure , then apply aloe vera gel by patanjali , don;t worry it does not have so much of chemicals so can easily apply under eyes and on lips . It works wonders and also it is bitter in taste ๐Ÿ˜› , more so , it helps amazingly well for de-pigmentation.. Thumb rule is Cleansing , Toning and Moisturizing.

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