Lotus Herbals VanilaSmooth Body Lotion {Product Review}

I so love the color of this bottle. I wanted it from the moment I saw it on the shelf and got it after eying it for the fifth or probably the tenth time ๐Ÿ˜€ Its a very pretty light purplish in color and will instantly attract your attention. You might have noticed it too. So, was it worth the craze??? Lets check out.
Price: 165 INR for 200ml
Vanilla, Soy and Avacado. Sounds delicious!!
My Experience
It smells yummy to me. Only once I got this and smelled it, I understood what the term “too good to eat” means. I really would crave something so delicious in taste too. It is pretty thick in consistency but it is not very hard to take it out of the bottle. The bottle has a flip top and allows the lotion to fall through it easily. It is definitely not easy to spread as it gets clumped at one place and streaks the whole arms but it does get absorbed in a minute. You smell of vanilla after applying the lotion. The fragrance or smell can be too strong for some and you might end up hating it too because it is too artificial. I wish it should have been more natural and more pleasant which teases your senses instead of knocking them. The smell stays with you all day and rises in huge doses when you are having bath.
Coming to the moisturizing part, you have to apply a big dollop of lotion of you want proper moisturizing. Otherwise, your skin will dry up and will need reapplication after only a few hours. I would say that even though it says it is extremely moisturizing, it is not a great lotion for dry skin in winters. It will do well in summers for dry skin and is great for normal skin in winters. It definitely doesn’t stay for the whole day. Even though it has thick consistency, it doesn’t make the skin sticky or anything. After applying the cream, your skin would be a little smoother which might or might not be very visible. Right now, this lotion is giving me the perfect moisturizing, doesn’t make my skin greasy or doesn’t leave it dry to be followed up after every few hours.
My Recommendation
It is not an amazing body lotion so you can easily give it a skip. Instead, I would suggest Nivea Smooth Body Milk for dry skin and normal skin can try this or go for their fav lotions. Can be given a try in the present season for those who are interested.


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