Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Mask {Product Review}

I do love to try hair products. So, this is my second hair mask after the disastrous wastage of my money on Himalaya Hair Loss Cream.And, thankfully, this was not at all disastrous. Now, I find Biotique to be a decent brand with some really good products and some average products. So, I am not able to decide how should I categorize this product. So, find it out for yourself.
Price: 199 INR for 230gms
I threw away the outer carton so I do not have the list of ingredients. From the site, the description of the product is as follows:

Therapeutic Pack for Hair Regrowth. An original formula. A unique combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda which promote hair growth. Contains Musk Root, Beal, Liquorice and Nutmeg which help to rejuvenate the hair and leave it in a superb condition. Invigorates and revitalizes the scalp and adds body to the hair. It immerses hair and scalp in natural minerals and organic riches and leaves even dry and chemically treated hair luxuriously full and alive.

How to use it??
The product says that it should be mixed with eggs or yogurt. So, I used eggs in my preparation.
One egg broken in a bowl. I use a plastic one as I can throw it away after some uses.
I mixed one heaped tablespoon of the hair pack in the egg. The hair pack is jet black in color and resembles Chawanprash a lot. But, the texture of the hair pack is not smooth. It has little granules and small stems like things in it which look as if the fresh ingredients have been mixed together in a grinder and it manages to smell fresh too. The pack smells a lot herbal and is strong enough to irritate some people. I find it tolerable enough but it doesn’t smell after mixing with egg or after applied to the hair so it is perfectly fine.
After mixing it thoroughly, the mixture becomes something like this. It should applied liberally on the scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water and shampoo.
My Experience
First of all, one heaped spoon of hair pack wasn’t enough for my little longer than shoulder hair with very less density. So, next time I used it, I put 3 eggs and two heaped spoons of the hair pack. So, a medium hair length requires two eggs and two heaped spoons of the hair pack for a generous application. So, how did I find the hair pack??
Well, if you try to apply it directly from the tub, let me tell you it is simply not possible. You will have to mix it with something and only then can you apply it. So, eggs and yogurt are best choices but you can also include other fav ingredients of your choice including essential oils and all. So, it is not exactly a ready made hair pack. You do need to spend little time in preparing it. But, I would not advise you to mix it with henna in case you are coloring your hair coz you need to shampoo hair after using this hair pack. So, after you prepare it, partition your hair and scalp into sections as it is a little gooey and is not as easily applicable as using just eggs. Be very generous with the application because otherwise you would not see much of results. I have done that and have seen the difference so it is a little advise from my side. Covering your hair with a shower cap or cling film is an absolute necessity otherwise one might find it drying for the hair and it is difficult to get rid of the hair pack while washing off. Well, I did. And, using a shower cap definitely gives better results as it traps heat and increases the absorption of the hair pack. Do not keep it more than half hour and in any case never more than an hour. Keeping it for more time is not gonna give your hair more nutrients or anything. So, once the half hour mark crosses, it is better to prepare for bath and enter it asap.
Now, washing off the hair pack will definitely create a lot of mess on the bathroom floor and the hair pack would not completely leave your hair either. So, be gentle and patient while removing the hair pack. Use lukewarm water (neither cold nor warm or hot) and patiently remove as much hair pack as you can. You will still find lot of granules left in your hair. Do not worry about them. Use a mild shampoo and shampoo your hair thoroughly. The granules will be gone by the time you finish shampooing your hair. There is no need to condition after using this hair pack but if you still want, you can. But, remember not to use too much of shampoo or conditioner. Shampooing your hair twice might be necessary to get rid of the hair pack thoroughly. Rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure it is completely clean. And, air dry your hair. Do not blow dry.
Now, for the results. Remember to be generous with the hair pack and you would get fabulous results. When I was generous with the pack, I got a beautiful shiny and bouncy hair. The shine and bounce do last for the next day too. My hair was looking a bit darker than it usually does. Hair behaves properly and is manageable. And, the oil production in the scalp might increase after two days of applying the pack. I have noticed this result every time I have applied this hair pack whether miserly or generous. But, other results were no so apparent when I was not generous with the hair pack. This hair pack is for the dry and damaged hair to give it nutrition and life so this hair pack does that job fabulously even though there is a little work involved. It moisturizes the hair as it claims and keeps it moisturized for at least two days after the hair wash.
Now, moving to its other claim of hair growth, I have not seen any difference but then hair growth is controlled by various other factors like nutrition and lifestyle and not only a hair pack so I would not blame a hair pack for that thing. There is one problem with this hair pack. The tub has only 230 grams of the hair pack which if applied generously every week can get finished in a month at max for a medium hair length so that can be a disadvantage to people who are looking for long lasting products.
My Recommendation
This hair pack is worth a try and is not absurdly costly that one can not afford it. It does give great results for people with damaged hair. Regarding its problem of less quantity, it does improve the hair quality so after a month of regular application of this hair pack, the frequency of application can be reduced to once in two weeks or three weeks so as to make the product long lasting. And, even if you are looking for hair growth, I would definitely advise this pack because it improves the hair quality and it is very important to have healthy hair before you think of growing it.This hair pack is absolute must for people with curly hair because curly hair, by nature, varies from mildly dry to extreme dryness.
Update: Well, I forgot to mention some salient points about this product which I recalled while reading your comments. First of all, as you have seen in the pic above, the consistency of the hair pack is just same as henna so it is very messy to apply. Be prepared to scrub your wash basin if you ignore it or as soon as you finish applying the hair pack and putting the shower cap in place, wash your wash basin with water immediately. As I mentioned earlier, you will deifnitely have to clean your bathroom after washing this off.
Secondly, I completely forgot about this point but I have been facing major hair loss since November or onset of winters. Donno if it is the climate or this hair pack but my hair loss has reduced considerably. So, may be this hair pack helps in hair loss too but I am not vouching for this fact and it is not even mentioned on the product that it helps with hair loss.


  1. reddy says

    I was dying to try this. but 200/- for a pack when i could easily make such packs at home was a major upset.

    so for those who can’t make packs or are of short of time they could try this :)

  2. says

    Wow nice product. My present hair ‘shampoo’ is something like this with shikkakai, soapnut and so on. It took months for me to get the ‘no hair fall days’. I also did other lifestyle changes too but I am kinda glad with it coz i ve been suffering from hair loss for around 10 yrs and my beautiful locks were reduced drastically. All the best for you with this product.

  3. says

    @reddy I know 200 for a hair pack was a major turn off for me too in the starting and like you even I thought one can make this easily…and specially when I asked the salesgirl that how many times would it serve…she said 4-5 times…I was like leave it..but then I got my dad once to the shop and made him buy all the stuff I had been drooling over :) but the ingredients are good and we can’t get any of them so if possible give it a try…I am sure you will also change your mind like me :)

    @Rentu thanks Rentu :) it is a real hard work and mess created while applying is something I avoided completely in the post 😀 it is just same as applying henna…

    @Chennai even I had a lot of hair fall int he winters and had been having it for quite a long time… hair is so thin now that I am afraid if I lose even a single strand….I know how difficult it must have been for you…probably this product did cure my hair loss but I am not sure…I am thinking of trying the henna hair pack next in the Biotique range since I am already done with this one…only one application left…I really wanna color my hair but chemicals are a big no no…..

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I following queries. Can you please help.

    1. I am 38 and i have lost almost 80% of my hair in the past 4,5 years. Is hair growth possible at this age. My hair grows in length very fast but does not thicken. Any tips?

    2. I have oily hair. I have to wash my hair alternate days. Can i use this pack since you mentioned that this is for dry hair?

    3. My 10 year old daughter lost 2/3rd of hair recently after our holiday in Goa. Now the hail fall stopped but how to get the hair back? Can i use onion juice for her? Any other hair remedies for her? She has long, thin and silky hair.

    Many thanks in advance.


  5. says

    hi Swati Mam…
    My age is 20+..
    i have lack of hair in my head..
    but i m not look like a bald person..
    i have not a perticular bald area in my head
    but when a person see my head..he will tell i am losing my hair..
    so is this product helpfull for me??
    is this product will be helpfull for increase my hair or for strong scalp not increase in hair..

  6. says

    Hey swati, I chanced upon ur blog on the net and got hooked onto it and read quite a bit. It’s a great blog. On your reccomedation above I tried the musk root mask today and completely loved it . Tanks so much for the review.

  7. Anonymous says

    THANX for the review . It’s extremely helpful. Am planning to buy it. Hv noted all the helpful tips. Should the hair be oiled before using this pack ?!

    • says

      hey. some people have commented saying that the pack gives better results on oiled hair. i would say it really depends on your hair type. if your hair is normal to oily, you need to oil it but if it is dry, i would suggest lightly oil your hair and then apply the pack. also, try to apply any hair pack on slightly damp hair as the products absorb better that way!!

  8. sparkling eyes says

    i have almost 80 percent of my hair.. im 28 yrs old… how can help my hair to regrow..please help

  9. Mira says

    My hair is blonde and i wish to put this haor mask but i smell henna and i m scared if my hair color turns to red if i put this hair mask ..please advice me if i shud use this mask bcuz of my colored hair..or i shouldn’t use it .

  10. Kasia says

    Dear Swati,
    thank you for the proportions. The producer didn’t mention them and I was curious how much musk should I put to one egg. Actually the musk is for my husband who started to lose his hair. Hope it will help him.
    Have a nice day!

  11. Deepshikha says

    hi Swati,

    I have just done hair smoothening(a week before); just wanted to know if I can apply this pack or I should wait for a month

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