Beware of the Bargains!!

Well, this is the end of a sale period but just yesterday, I visited Health and Glow. They were selling the huge St. Ives moisturizer (I think it was soothing oats and something) for 100 bucks less than its original price. The cost of the bottle was 290 INR and they had an offer of 184 INR. Well, it seems to be a wonderful bargain for sure coz the bottle is huge and would definitely last 3-4 months or even more. I had almost picked up the bottle to buy it. But, here is the catch – I suddenly remembered to check the manufacturing date. Guess what, it was manufactured in August 2009 and month of import was listed as December 2009. Also, it expires in May 2011. So, not so good a bargain according to me coz they are just clearing the stocks. So, next time, you are about to pick up something for a bargain, be sure to check the manufacturing or expiry date. I have already stressed the point of checking manufacturing or expiry dates in one of earlier posts and reiterating here to make sure you do not buy something really useless just coz of a bargain. And, always buy products which are fresher. In very obscure products, an exception of buying them after a year of manufacturing can be made. But, remember, older the product, less effective it would be.


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    Unfortunately a lot of shops do this. I had a similar experience with Fab India. They were selling some products at discount of 10%. Then I noticed that it was expiring the very NEXT MONTH!!! I immediately put it down. This is FAB INDIA!!! I thought they had more class.

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