Hand Creams, Foot Creams, Eye Creams…How many?

Hey Guys!!! Ok, so I am not officially back but could not stay away any more so posting today. So, the topic is a little disturbing. I have always been suspicious about the various products being handed over by the companies to us. If I stretch my memory, I can remember face moisturizers and body lotions had always existed. Over the years, there have been a plethora of products developed and launched – face creams, face serums, eye creams, hand creams, foot creams, body lotions, body moisturizers, night creams, day creams. Have I left out any? Please feel free to add to the list. Now, I do not blame the companies for doing so. They are doing business and have to earn profits. They will simply cash in on the confusion of their customers. I always get overwhelmed when I see the huge range of only body lotions lying in the counters. I am not even going to talk about the other skin care ranges. That will make my head whirl.

I have a couple of questions – Do we really need all those things? Are we supposed to use these things because the companies are developing the products for us? Do they develop them because we use them? How many creams are we supposed to put on our bodies? Probably in the future we will also get arm creams and leg creams because apparently they are the driest part of our bodies. And, then special creams for elbows and knees because they are even more different.
I have always been cynical about these products in the market and have never succumbed to their lure though I have always felt I should. But, then my budget and pondering on the question of necessity stops me. Ok, so you might argue that every body part is different and needs a customized care. According to me, skin needs to be treated nicely and every part of your body needs the same moisturizing products. If you look at natural products we use – oils, shea, cocoa butters, beeswax – they all work for all parts of the body without overwhelming any part. So, why the distinction among creams. Ok, I accept that eye area is the most sensitive part of the body so why not use eye creams. Oh, there is a difference in the thickness of the lotions in various products. So, does that mean that our moms have not cared for their eye areas well. According to me, they have great skin and they do not even do much. My mom has survived on a single medicated cream for the past 15 years and she has a beautiful clear skin. Even she goes in the sun without sunscreen but her skin does not look older than what her age is. Why have we suddenly become so crazy about not going in the sun? Past 15 years have grown the cosmetic industry into a bigger giant than it was and the reason is that we are succumbing to whatever they give us. And, after applying these many layers of products on the skin, we cry out saying it is blocking my pores or is comedogenic (I hope I have got the spelling right !!) or that my skin is looking aged and tired and dull or it is breaking out. How much can the skin take?? Show some mercy to it too. Because, after a layer of these products comes the make up.
Recently, I came across the review of two products in the blog “Chic and Green”. The writer of the blog, Karley, had reviewed a night cream from Burt’s Bees and a hand cream from Seed. Finally, the writer concluded by saying the hand cream worked as a better facial moisturizer than the night cream. Not that Karley was intending to use hand cream on her face, she had put it on her face when she had to rush out and had nothing on hand. So, what does that mean? Well, the efficacy of the product depends simply on what it contains not what it has been labeled for.
The goal of the post is not to say that you should not spend unnecessarily. If you really want to splurge, you should definitely because you would not feel satisfied if you do not get the thing you want. But, for people who have limited resources, do not think that you are losing out on something. Stick to one product which works for you. Spending on these many creams does not really do anything. At the end of the day, you will look older and wiser or younger and foolish because of the life you have chosen for yourself not because of the beauty products you have used. You want to have younger looking skin – check out your diet. That is the key to a Beautiful You.Also read:
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    I personally don’t like spending on so many products because if I do then I end up giving them away or something . Natural products work well for me .

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    Yeah Bhumika…even I do not understand the trend of night creams…they are just more intensely nourishing but how many of them really deliver what they say…and frankly I think if I would use any of them I would end up with sweat on sheets and of course clogged pores…I have been using Biotique coconut cream but I hate it just for the same reason…..but I would definitely love to read about a cream which delivers what it says….

    Ya Vaishali…most of the products we buy are either given away or lying back in our closets and then we just use them up for the heck of using….

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