Banjara’s Kasturi Turmeric Herbal Powder {Product Review}

PS: My entire review might be wrong. Please do not base your judgements based on this review.   
I had written about Kasturi Turmeric long back and in my quest for finding Kasturi Tumeric, I came across Banjara’s Herbals brand. Consequently, I bought the Kasturi Turmeric Herbal Powder they were offering. So, here is my review of the product.
My experience with the product
I had used it long back so I do not have pics but it looks similar to the regular haldi we use at home. But, when I used it, it left my face so yellow that I had to wash my face twice with a face wash after using the mask. And, the products stings as opposed to the tingling sensations felt when using herbal products. And, then after washing off, it leaves my face completely raw.
My efforts to better the product
To avoid the yellow coloration of my face after using this herbal powder, I mixed a little of it with my regular homemade besan ubtan. Guess what, it turned the complete ubtan into yellow and still managed to make my face discolored.
I even tried mixing it with sandalwood and multani mitti and then applying on the face but that also did not work.
After so many efforts went fluke, I compared it with the regular turmeric and I somehow have a sneaking suspicion that this herbal powder is not exactly herbal but probably has a yellow color mixed in some powder. So, right now, I have mixed the powder with sandalwood powder and multani mitti and am using it as a scrub instead of a face pack.
My Opinion
My strong suggestion is that do not buy this product. It is just 35-40 INR. Not at all costly but completely useless product. In case you come across this product, just give it a go.


  1. says

    hey Bhumika…I have two face packs – rose with multani mitti and tea tree with multani mitti and one hair pack of brahmi powder….I would not say its not good…the rose pack is really good…tea tree is not for my skin type…wrong choice on my part but brahmi powder is doing good I would say….so I guess the brand can be given a try…but I do not think they would be available in Mumbai….guess they are prevalent in Hyderabad only…I saw the henna powder pack also but did not buy it…will see if I give other products a try and would review these face packs after a little more trials….

  2. says

    i suspect, too, that they might be using artificial colorants since you said it’s quite hard to get rid or neutralize the color even when it’s mixed with something else.

    well, i haven’t used anything like that and I’m not even sure if it’s available in SG but I think i’ll be scared to. I’m already yellowish in color, it’ll surely leave a stronger yellowish tint on my face!

  3. says

    yeah coz generally if the colorants are natural they do get neutralized when added to other things….no it wont be available in singapore….I think its just limited to a part of India itself….

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    Hey Nupur….yes the original katuri turmeric will definitely suit you….it is a natural antiseptic so it calms down the acne prone skin….a better idea is to mix turmeric and sandalwood powder or multani mitti and then apply it on skin so that the skin doesn’t get yellow……

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    Yep never heard of this brand too. But am skeptical of small time ‘herbal brands’ , they can be dubious, with some small mfg unit somewhere with no quality control. Though have not heard of this brand, think it would be safer to use fresh turmeric, you get it at select vendors its called ambe-halad, it is very fresh and looks like ginger, but smells fresh and awesome :)

  6. says

    thnkx swati..will start searcing for kasturi turmeric soon then…will let u knw how it works for me.. :)
    b/w u seem to have dis expertise in home remedies ,, are you somehow related to naturopathy?

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    @Anamika actually I think Banjara’s is quite well-known brand in Hyderabad so gave it a try…but you are right that some can be dubious….though interestingly this brand also has ambe-haldi which you talked about…i never heard of it till today but you are right…it is better to use the regular haldi which we eat or the haldi sticks boiled in milk or water…my mom gets the haldi sticks and gets them grounded for usage instead of buying the market ones…I use the powder for my facial care and it always gave me great results…

  8. says

    @Nupur you can try the regular available turmeric sticks too coz probably getting kasturi turmeric is difficult if you are not in chennai…I have heard its most popular in Chennai….never found them in Hyderabad also…Anamika has talked about ambe-haldi too…you might ask around for that…ask your mom or the general store people…they would be able to tell you…
    no I am not related to anything in naturopathy…I developed an interest in skin and hair care little while back and started my own blog as a consequence…whatever I have posted have been my personal experiences tested on me or seen on my frens so I can vouch for them :)

  9. says

    hey Jes…yup same was the case with me..even I bought the brahmi powder from this brand and it burned by scalp literally….horrible products…would stay away from them….

    • Anonymous says

      I have a DIY plumping mask, that calls for just 2 pinches of tumeric (kastori, was recommended). Will that small of an amount cause the burning and discoloration! I’m mixing it with honey, egg whites and a facial moisturizer.

    • says

      the burning was for this particular brand of turmeric and it might be possible that it burned on my skin!!! you can use the normal edible turmeric as well. in such small quantity, it will not cause any yellow tinge on the skin.

  10. says

    hello swati,
    accidentally i came across this post on haldi. i have
    also been using banjara’s ambe haldi powder. unfortunately
    since i am not fair, i am not able to make out any difference.
    i started using haldi, besan and curd because of my pigmentation
    problem. have not noticed any difference though.
    swati, i am also using banjara’s amla powder to mix with shikkakai
    powder. do you have any suggestions for any other good and genuine

  11. says

    Hi Nirmala
    welcome to my blog and hope you find it useful :)
    first of all I am not very sure if I like Banjara Herbals as a brand coz I had horrible time with their kasturi turmeric and the brahmi powder…both of them burnt my skin and scalp so I will first ask you to check if you feel uncomfortable using the powder…also if it is not giving you any difference then you should switch to regular turmeric only coz it is safer to use…also if you are in Andhra lot of people get their turmeric powder by using the turmeric sticks and getting them powdered instead of going for the commercial packets so you should try doing that…getting turmeric sticks is not very difficult too…or otherwise try any puja stores where you might get a better quality product…my mom gets the turmeric powdered on her own so we use that…also if you want I can suggest (if you are in Hyderabad) you can go to 24 letter mantra store or find its products in Spencers and Hypercity…they sell organic stuff and they have powdered turmeric too so you could use that also…
    and regarding the amla powder and shikakai powder, I would say that either get the fruits and use them fresh or dry them int he house and powder them or a better option is to buy the shikakai fruits fromt he puja stores or ask them for shikakai powder…I am sure they will have that too and for amla I can suggest using Patanjali products…they have amla juice also which has certain preservatives or you can go for the amla churan which has no preservatives….I use the churan
    actually the thing is that I always believe that it is better to buy the root materials instead of the powders like amla fruit and turmeric roots or shikakai fruit coz there is less chances of adulteration in them and then you can always use them at home :)
    hope this helps!!!

  12. says

    hey Nirmala
    regarding the pigmentation problem, you can try using tomato slices everyday…just rub them on your face, leave it to dry and wash off…the results will not be obvious in a very less time but you should see clearer skin over the time…also I would say that home remedies don’t give faster results and the skin complexion really doesn’t lighten…it just gets clearer and free of the tan and blemishes thereby improving the skin tone and remember to keep your skin clear instead of using products to become fair coz clearer skin is better than fairer skin!!! I shall also try to do a post on pigmentation :) but it will take sometime…sorry for the delay…

  13. says

    Thank you dear swathi.
    Remember, i had visited your blog a couple of weeks ago and had
    requested for a receipe of henna mix (but without the
    orangereddish tinge?
    i am using onion juice mixed with castor oil. i cant expect a miracle
    i know i need to have patience and continue this for some more time. my
    hair is thinning terribly. you can see my scalp :(
    your blog is quite informative swathi.
    i didn’t know patanjali had amla churna. i am using their amla
    juide. i will try swathi.
    thanks for your suggestion of Tomato slices for pigmentation. i shall try this.
    Thank you swathi

  14. says

    hey Nirmala…oh yes I do recall now :) don’t get stressed about thinning hair coz the stress will increase more hair fall and patiently use the onion juice + oil three times a week if you want though you will have to wash pretty often…I have faced the same problem thats why I can empathise with your situation :) don’t worry everything will be fine!!!
    one more trick which I had used pretty long back for hair fall was to drink fenugreen juice…you should try it to stop hairfall…it really works :) I am pasting the link:
    do ask if the method is not clear to you…but this works awesome on hair fall and also helps with hair growth…
    yeah Patanajali has the churan too so you take either of them :) and do keep me posted on the results!!!

  15. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Thanks a million for giving so many options and pasting
    the link.
    i was taking methi seeds soaked in water overnight. drink the
    water and swallow the seeds. i will soak in hot water in future.
    i know it will take some time but right now, i am scared to
    touch my hair because every time i have bath,my hair comes from the
    root to my hands. may be after some time it will stop. i will
    continue both onion juice and methi seeds suggestion of yours.
    Thanks so much dear.

  16. says

    hey Nirmala…will you exactly tell me how bad is the health of your hair coz now I am feeling that it is a really serious issue than mere thinning reading that it comes into your hands by just touching your hair…is that the case?? continue these two but do tell me…may be its more serious than simple remedies then???

  17. says

    Hello Swathi,
    Let me thank you for the genuine concern you have. Thank you.
    1. Yes, the condition is pretty bad, ‘coz everytime i have bath
    i see a bunch of hair in my hand. i am using fabindia shampoo or
    shikkakai powder.
    2. i think the main cause is i have used too many colours starting from
    garnier, l’oreal and indica.
    3. i also use henna and amla powder (but this gives that funny orangish shade.
    4. i went to a dermatologist who has prescribed biotin tablets. it sort
    of helped me i think, but i started getting facial har :) if hair can grow on my face, i think it would have grown on my scalp if i had continued it. now i am planning to start taking them again.
    5. you know swathi, now my hair is thin and sparse where you can actually see my scalp and i have so many white hairs.
    i really don’t know where to start and where to stop.
    i can conginue with castoroil and onion juice every alternate day, but am so paranoid of seeing hair from the roots.
    Waiting for your suggestions.
    Thank you once again swathi.

  18. says

    hey Nirmala…I think your problem is much more severe than what even the dermatologist prescribed…did she/he tell you to get any blood test or any other tests done??? ru sure your health is absolutely normal coz hair fall can be due to various health problems also…I really think you should go to another dermatologist…where do you stay? do one thing…you can simply send me a mail @ instead of commenting here :)

  19. Anonymous says

    hi swati
    i feel very depressed abt my colour. i dont want to b whity white. bt i want to get out from my black colour. pls suggest me as u did for others. waiting 4 ur suggestions..

    i dont use soap to my face instead i use “KADALAMAAVU” i feel at tat time bt others r saying tat my face s dull.. I have also tried “PONDS WHITE BEAUTY” cream bt no result sn tat also.. i m really fed up pa.. pls suggest me any ways.

    I hv an idea nw to use “BANJARAS” i need ur suggestion abt t..
    is any “BANJARAS FACEWASH”??? pls suggest as soon as possible

  20. Anonymous says


    I just came across this misconception about kasturi turmeric. Just wanted to share my experience. The general turmeric is made of the roots of this particular turmeric. This turmeric has the colouring properties and may make your skin yelloish, and darken your skin.
    Kasturi haldi should not be purchased directly. You should purchase the dried roots seperately and erode them on the stone. you can mix with some rose water and erode it. you will get a creame like yellow paste. you can apply this on you face. It clears clogged pores etc for oily skin. if you keep on your face for a long time it might be a little itchi kind. but this does not leave any color on the face. it washes clean. It removes tan, black heads etc.

    Which ever product you buy, its always adulterated and might cointain colors etc which cause irritation.So always better to buy the raw material and use it.

  21. Anonymous says

    I have also bought this kasturi tumeric… After I had read yours comments, i am a bit affraied… is it true that this product is not good for the skin?
    Can you recommend me aother mark of tumeric kasturi???

      • Ayushi says


        I’ve come across a lot of bad reviews for Banjara’s Kasthuri Manjal. I don’t know about their other products but I’ve read about a lot of people complaining about this product’s staining problem which authentic Kasthuri Manjal is not supposed to do. A blogger at suggested Kottakal Arya Vaidyshala’s Kasturi Manjal but maybe the store is only in her city. I guess if you go to a trusted Ayurveda shop in your city, you could find more authentic products there rather than at a beauty store.

        • says

          hi Ayushi. Kotakkal arya vaidyashala has branches in many cities in fact. you can find if there is a store at your place by checking in their website. I did not know that they carry these products as well. worth a try!

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