When to remove Face Masks and Hair Packs?

Hey guys!! I am really sorry for not being at all particular with the posts. Kinda really busy these days so I’ll probably even miss the first birthday of my blog which is on December 14. I can not believe a whole year has passed. I definitely have been very lazy in writing my posts many a days but I have tried to be as regular as possible. In case, I do miss the birthday of my blog, I shall do the festivities along with the Christmas and New Year or may be Pongal even. Gosh!! That will be really late but I am sure you will all forgive me. So, for today, I have a very simple tip to share with you all regarding the face packs and the hair packs. Now, I had shared the correct procedure for applying face masks. So, this is one additional procedure which should be followed stringently.
Always remove the face masks and hair packs as soon as they are close to drying. When the face masks and hair packs dry completely, they start absorbing water from your skin or hair to compensate the loss of moisture in them due to the reverse osmosis process. And, this becomes very drying for your skin and hair in the long run. So, always remember to wash off as soon as the mask is close to drying. For hair, I have a tip that wash off your mask after an hour. One hour is enough to let your hair get the nutrients from your mask. If you are applying henna, always remove when the mask has dried otherwise you will find that your hair has become dry in nature. This is especially true for dry hair. Whenever you apply a hair mask, always put a shower cap on. This helps to hold the moisture inside. When you keep the hair packs and face masks beyond stipulated period, they can causing aging of your skin and drying of your hair. This holds true with the home remedies too. So, follow this tip and reap the benefits.


  1. says

    hey softie :) henna is particularly bad…well I will add something here about henna….the ones which are available in the market have chemicals too in them so it might be the chemicals which are drying for the hair instead….if you use natural henna on your head, you would be aware that natural henna stops giving color after it has dried and it takes a lot of time to get dry as opposed to the market henna so it is always best to wash them off as soon as they get dry….and if you have dry hair then apply oil to your hair once you wash off the henna and shampoo your hair next day…..I’ll do a small post on this too….this was advised by one of friends who used to apply henna regularly….

  2. Shruti says

    I have oily skin, I apply Sandalwood powder + rose water pack and keep it for half an hour / 1 hour at night. Is it wrong then to keep it for so long? Once I applied thin layer & kept it on whole night and removed in morning, so do u think this is wrong way?

  3. Shruti says

    Thanks swati, I will surely remove the mask after it dries up.
    Ya, I notice an instant glow after applying it.
    I have started using Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash, also.
    I have bought Dabur Honey, can u tell me if it can be applied on face also and how to do it?

  4. says

    hey Shruti…I hope the mask worked well for you :) regarding the keeping time you should remove the mask after it dries up or while it is just about to dry up….don’t keep these masks for 30 minutes or overnight…the mask sheets which are coming in the market now a days and the creamy masks (or the masks which are not powder/flour based) which do not dry up can be kept for 30min-45min depending on how the masks itself…but not more than that and don’t keep the masks overnight…the reason being you won’t be able to sleep comfortably and secondly it is better to keep the mask on before you go to sleep and then apply a moisturizer…the goodness of the masks would be absorbed in 1hour and they make the skin better looking next day!!!

  5. says

    yeah Shruti….you can definitely apply the honey as a face mask…mix it a bit with lemon or tomato juice to control the oiliness and it will give fab results and also lighten the tan or blemishes :)

  6. says

    Hi yo….I am not actually sure where I recommended aloevera for whole night but if you can point me to the post, that would be helpful to me….and regarding aloe vera I’ll say that applying only aloe on the face is not such a great idea coz it gets tightened and causes the skin to stretch so mixing it will some oil and then applying it is fine for overnight too and that’s not as a face pack but as a moisturizer…if you can tell me the post, I shall edit that mistake out…thanks a lot :)

  7. meena says

    Hi ,shall i use dabur honey as face mask? would it show any side effects? and pls say me how many days in a week shall i put dis honey-lemon face mask?

    • says

      yes you can but use organic honey if possible!! no, it would not show any side-effects. you can put the honey mask everyday and honey-lemon mask 3 times a week on alternate days. if you skin is dry, make it two.

  8. Anonymous says

    can u suggest me a good hair oil and shampoo to grow my hair thicker for i face heavy hair fall problem?

    • says

      i can suggest you rogan badam and for shampoo i am still clueless :( but you can check the hair care section on the categories page (at the top of page in the navigation bar)!

    • says

      i think the moisture is getting trapped there and it is creating the area to darken. i have the same issue on one of my toe fingers and the sides of the feet. allow proper air circulation, clean the feet regularly with salt water and rub the tomato slice. this will remove tanning and the dark spots gradually.

  9. Anonymous says

    Do vcare hair groth vitalliser and vcare shikkaIkai paste helps in growing hair thicker? is using these products are worth and safer?

  10. says

    Hii … Im suffering with pimples and dark circles around my eyes since 5 years . Mine is oily skin and dark colour. Present im using fair n lovely cream in the morning n nights im applying betnovate-c ointment on then pimples black spots . My friends suggesting me not to use this ointments .. I would like to use some facepacks to improve my colour and decrease pimples and dark circles … Pls gives me suggestions and tips ..

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