Facial Expressions can make you look old

Yup, this might be a habit of yours as is mine :) I always give a million dollar smile and consequently, I have laugh lines and fine lines under the eyes. I do not frown too often but yes it happens that we screw our faces without realizing which can again cause a lot of lines on the face.
Habit: Constant facial expressions should be avoided.
Result: Laugh lines, fine lines under the eyes, forehead lines. A lot of lines on the face can develop if this is a regular habit of a person. Many people have forehead lines which develop when you screw your forehead and then there are vertical lines between the eyebrows too. Fine lines under the eyes are really common in people because of excess exposure to sun and also because the skin around eyes is a very thin layer. Crows feet and other wrinkles around eyes develop if you close the eyes too hard. Laugh lines are formed right from edges of your nose to the corners of your mouth and can travel down to the edge of the jaw. Many people have lines on their chin too. These are all due to the regular movements in the face muscles and if it becomes a regular habit, these lines develop very quickly just like lines in our palms.
At this point, I also want to share something which we are told when we are children. Now, everyone knows that children make a lot of weird faces meant to tease you. So, they will smirk and scorn and turn their mouths to one side or another or stick their tongues out or pull the lips to one side of the cheeks. I have done those things and even you might have. (I really hope I am making sense. Please do tell me so if I am not) So, we are often told or even children say that your face will become like what you make it. In a sense this is exactly true. Our usual facial expressions make a mark on our faces. So, one should be very cautious about the facial expressions. They represent your character.
Remedy: Well, wrinkles once formed are very hard to get rid of. Even then we can give them a try and things might work out temporarily. First thing is to apply sunscreen regularly so that sun exposure is not damaging the face. Second is to stop squinting and frowning too hard or laughing too hard every time. Screwing the face is not an option so keep your face pleasant looking under all circumstances. I know this is very hard but once you control it, it becomes very easy. Working people might be able to better share their experiences in this regard (you have to appear neutral in the office and not show what you are thinking). Then, obvious is wrinkle lifting creams which basically never work (you are fore-warned). And, you should try these home remedies to get rid of wrinkles. Apply a thick coat of almond oil or castor oil at night on your face and sleep.
How to get rid of this habit?
I have certainly stopped laughing too hard every time and controlled my smile extent (seems stupid but true!!). Now, when I laugh or smile, my eyes do not get all wrinkles up. Then, I used to squint a lot in the sun coz I have specs and cannot wear sunglasses :( A big problem for people with glasses (I find contacts too tiresome!!). So, controlled my squinting too by being conscious of it. I do not frown but when I concentrate I do screw my forehead so have to take care of that too. And, whenever I close my eyes, I gently close them instead of squeezing them hard as is generally asked in facial exercises. So, remember this if you do facial exercises, do not squeeze any muscle in your face, gently do the exercises so that wrinkles smooth out instead of developing more.
I wish to add that most of our habits can be changed by constant observation and control of the habit so it is a good thing to be conscious of what your children are doing and then teach them accordingly what is right so that they do not need to change their habits tomorrow.Update: I wish to add that neither this post is saying you to stop laughing nor am I encouraging you to become sad and morose. The only thing which I have tried to convey is that keep your face relaxed instead of in a particular expression. And, of course, smile all the time. It makes you look beautiful :)


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    I m left dumbfounded!So now I’ll have to smile gently even if there is sum thing very funny to laugh! I also ve fine lines under my eyes and I was trying to find the reason for it but cudn’t now I know!

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    Hehe Humaira :) Great to see you after so many days!! I know even I had same reaction when I read such a thing but I analyzed the thing on myself and saw that when I smile and squint the skin under my eyes get all wrinkled up and there are deep fine lines there…so it is a natural advise not to this very regularly…sometimes is ok…

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    OMG! I keep smiling.. now I know why i am getting that line…:( juz kidding. But yes, your post is a fact and very helpful. I’ll try to keep everything under control…


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    Hey Robin…I know it sounds really weird but I have posted a follow up post…probably after reading that everyone can understand why did I post this kind of weird post….also I had read some article on similar lines quite a long back and I did try to be moderate in frowning and squinting and guess what, it did really work though I do smile just the same so under eye lines are still there but leaving squinting was some thing good which I did because of that……

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    Swathi Does applying castor oil under eyes help to reduce wrinkles? I searched google and in forums sum ppl said it makes wrinkles intense!Did u experience anything like that?

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    Hey Humaira…how are you? long time :)
    Regarding castor oil…it definitely helps the wrinkles coz I used to apply it till a while back…stopped coz got finished with it and yet to buy a new one…it helped control my wrinkles and repaired some of them which were subtle…a regular application is a must and give it sometime to show results…but it does not at all intensify the wrinkles…at worst it wouldn’t show any results on the skin….one trick is to mix castor oil with almond oil to make it moisturizing and then apply it…vitamin E in almond oil also helps preventing wrinkles and pure castor oil can be drying for some skins…a 75-25 ratio of almond and castor oil will do the job…shake the bottle nicely before use as castor oil tends to settle down since its quite heavy…

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    Yes long tym!Busy with exams!Following ur tip I apply almond eye regularly on my eyelashes and under eyes!I harldy had any eyelashes but with the regular use, they have increased but not longer so I decided to use castor for both wrinkles under eyes and lashes!Ok Ill try it!Thank you!
    I remember I have to give u some product reviews which I will InshAllah once I get over wid exams!

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    all the best for xams and do well :)
    wait for a month to see changes in the eye lash length coz the eye lashes have a one month cycle of growing and falling out…with regular usage of castor + almond oil you will definitely see a change in the length…even I started reusing the remedy again and have grown fabulously long lashes…yipee!! surely would be waiting for the reviews too :)

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    I’m somehow ok with having finelines because of smiling.

    But I’ll try my best to keep from frowning, being, angry, and all other negative stuff. 😛 I just love smiling.

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    hey Rae…of course by smiling I meant the stupid facial expressions some people maintain like grinning unnecessarily r something but yup even I luv smiling :) and yeah negative emotions must be controlled!!!

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