Happy Birthday!!

Hey guys, I am really glad to announce to your that today is the first birthday of my blog. Yay!!!! I can’t believe how fast this whole year went away. I remember the night last year when I decided I would start blogging. At that time, I was so afraid what if no one comes and reads. Then, I overcame it all and went ahead with my posts. I loved writing and love it now too. And, this blog has been my passion for the last year. I am happy that you all came to my blog and read my posts, liked them and stayed with me for a complete year. 
Unfortunately, I am caught with my own things so I would not be able to post regularly (I know it seems like too recurring problem) but I promise to make up for these missing days by coming with a bang (hopefully !!). I might not be able to see you all till next year so wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year :)
Lastly, I want to thank you all for bearing with me and hope you would do the same in future :) Would love to read more of your comments and queries. Do tell me if you want to read about certain topics. I’ll make sure I post about them. I know I promised some to post on certain of their topics but I am really sorry to have failed. They are on the top of list when I come back so please keep up with me. And, send me more of your love and do not forget to sing the birthday song with me :)

P.S: As a part of the celebration, do tell me which post do you like the most in my blog. I would sincerely appreciate your effort. Thanks and I am waiting for your comments.


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    COngratuslations for completing one year with your beloved blog!! happy Birthday dear bloggy vloggy!! May you grow higher, higher and higher.

    I love reading your posts. I am sure they are helping your readers a lot… i am one of them.


  2. says

    Hey Jiya…thank you so much for your wishes and support…I am happy to have you as my blogger mate and reader and even your blog is lovely….I know how much hard work goes into maintaining a blog so kudos to all my fellow bloggers…cheers!!!

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    hey.. congratulations on completing a year. I hope there will be many more posts, many more followers and this blog is extremely successful.

    I love your blog and I’m really happy for you.

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    Happy birthday perfectskincareforyou!!!
    Wow u’ve been bloggin 4 12 months now, must feel gr8.I love all the natural remedies u blog abt.U can try them wid no risk of side effects

  5. Anonymous says

    I like the blog but really hate the way it scrolls slowly when I roll my mouse button. It doesn’t happen this way in other websites, so please correct this at this occasion. Thanks


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