Do not rub your Eyes

I have already done two posts on bad habits which lead to aging of our skin early. I felt I was kinda doing something silly but since I have started getting comments from you all, I feel these posts are not silly instead they do encourage everyone including me to change bad habits and give information to those who are not aware of the facts yet. So, thank you guys and keep the comments coming. And, now moving on today’s bad habit which is prevalent among children generally and then gets carried on to adulthood.
Habit: Rubbing the eyes vigorously to subside irritation.
Results: Wrinkled skin and fine lines around the eyes. The reason for this is that the skin around the eyes is almost 10 times thinner than that of the face. So, consequently, it is much more sensitive to various products and various kinds of movements. Another consequence can also be drooping and wrinkling of the eyelids.
If you have read about the surgery of Botox, a neurotoxic protein by the name of botulinum toxin is injected in the forehead. This toxin paralyzes the muscles temporarily so that there is no movement in the muscles near the eyes or where ever it is injected by blocking the nerve impulses. When there is no movement in the muscles, there is no chance of formation of wrinkles and slowly the existing wrinkles also smooth out because of the lack of repeated movements. The effect of the toxin lasts up to 8 months and one has to take the injections regularly to keep up the effect.
So, even the surgery is doing the same thing. Blocking the movement of the muscles so that there is no repeated movement. This is exactly what I meant when I was writing my earlier post on facial expressions and even this post. But, I am not advocating Botox here because let me also tell you the down side of this procedure. Your face freezes and does not show any emotion which is not what you basically want. Just for the record, women who under go Botox surgeries have higher divorce rates as compared to women who do not. So, you can easily imagine how much trying to stay young costs a person. And, frankly, there is nothing wrong if some of your lines are visible. That makes you look real at least.
Remedy: Apply eye gels or under eye creams to smooth the wrinkles and fine lines. (This is not what I do personally) Apply almond oil or vitamin E oil at night on the skin around the eyes. In the morning, you would find that the eye area is smooth and soft. In some days, you will see lessening of the wrinkles and fine lines too but for that you need to be persistent in your efforts. A home remedy which I would like to suggest is a honey mask for your eyes. Apply a little amount of honey on your eye area (under eye, around the eye and eye lids) every day for 15 minutes and then remove with a cotton pad gently. Honey prevents wrinkles.
How to get rid of the habit?
Of course, stop rubbing the eyes. Stop your children from developing that habit too. It irritates the eye foremost even if you forget the wrinkles. Next step is if you feel irritation and have a strong desire to rub the eyes, close your eyes and gently massage them or splash cold water in them. Either would help reducing the irritation.


  1. says

    Haha…do not worry about that, Soft coz I am the one who is publishing all these articles and each and everyone till now has been my bad habit at one point or other so while writing I feel oh God, this too 😀 A selfish reason for writing these articles is the hope that they can inspire me to stop these habits….

  2. says

    U r scaring me lyk hell each day!I apply almond oil dai;y!Does applying coconut oil actually reduces fine lines under eyes?
    And yes Yesterday I applied multani mitti with buttermilk and orange juice!My skin is much better and clearer now(breaking out like anything these days)!thanks to you@

  3. says

    Hey Humaira :) please do not blame me…I am just writing down whatever habits I have and I know that they should not be done…
    I am happy that multani mitti helped you…yeah buttermilk and orange juice help a lot during breakouts…you can apply the mask everyday in case of excess breakouts….

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    and yeah both almond oil and coconut oil do reduce fine lines…I found them coconut oil better in fact but almond oil has more vitamin E which is useful in keeping the skin smooth around the eyes or you can apply vitamin E oil straight from the capsule…it is like amazing for eye area….

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