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I do not know about you all but I did miss my blogging these all days and I am glad to be back but I am not still sure if I will be posting regularly. So, I wanted to write about something which will be useful for people with dry skin in the just-at-door-step winters.
I am sure you all are busy stocking on all the creams and lotions for the winters. I do have 3 recommendations for those who might want to give a try. All of them are my personal favorites and worked fabulously for me in the temperatures of 7 degrees.
Biotique Winter Cherry Body Lotion
Ohk, so I’ll begin with describing the situation first. I got this bottle of winter cherry a year back during the starting of winters just around Diwali when I was just walking down the cosmetics aisle and a bottle of Biotique with pink color content caught my attention. I instantly wanted to buy and did. I needed a really good moisturizer for winter weather in a really cold and dry climate. And, for a change, this body lotion really worked for me.It made my skin soft and kept it moisturized all day long. I always loved to massage this cream into my body right after the shower.It is pale pink in color, is light in consistency (not too thick or runny), smells really awesome (even you will smell of winter cherries half the day) and the best part of the lotion is that it was great in removing the stubborn tanning on my arms. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for normal to dry skin moisturizing. It costed 180 INR for 210 ml (last year).

Nivea Smooth Body Milk with Gingko and Shea Butter
My love of this season. Absolutely fabulous for people with normal to dry skin. Sorry, but I really do not have stock for oily skin but if you feel dry, you can give this a try (nice rhyme!!). Smells really pleasant and keeps your body oh-so-soft. I loved it so much that I can not stop raving about it and the only thing I would say is get the product ASAP!! It definitely is costly. I bought the smallest size of 75ml at 109 INR to give it a try and I will get the bigger one as soon as this gets finished. It is thick in consistency and gets absorbed easily and I am sure it will suit normal skin too. It kept my skin moisturized all day long, no itchy feely which I get at a temperature less than 10 especially in cold climes and soft, most importantly. Can’t wait to finish the teeny tiny bottle which would not last you for more than a week if you use on your entire body.
Nivea Creme
The original Nivea which was released in 1911 and stays the same still in the same old container and same sizes. My father bought the biggest size of the creme and kept it in the bathroom. I was intrigued and wanted to try it. So, gave it a try. Do not ask me for my experience. I would not say it was horrible because it is the best product for people with extra and over dry skin. This is not a statement-in-the-air but a personal experience. It helped me when no body used to suit me. So, if you do face some same situation, you should give it a try.
If you ask me, it is really thick (the same consistency for which Nivea is famous). Scooping it out of the container itself is a task. And, then spreading it is a uphill task again. I could not even moisturize my arms when I used it. It simply stuck to my hand and refused to spread. This was my first experience. Next day, I needed something really thick to moisturize my legs because it has a really weird bees pattern (which I guess is due to extreme dryness). So, I used this creme. I scooped out a really large amount, nicely rubbed it in between my palms (to warm it) and massaged it in my legs for 5 minutes. The result was a fabulous and moisturized leg. The effect lasted all night and the next day till I took bath. My legs were really soft and smooth in the morning.
I know it sounds scary but do not get afraid of this experience of mine because I definitely do not need this product except on my legs. Just because a product is thick and takes really long to apply does not really become a negative point if it gives results. So, if you feel that nothing else is helping you, I would ask you to give it a try. This creme is especially useful for people with extremely dry skin. In winters, sometimes, some parts of your body become especially dry so you can use this creme there too. The best time to use this creme might be at night as far as I think because you can sit and take your own time to massage the product in and it will help the skin while rejuvenating too. If I use this product again, I’ll surely let you all know about it.
Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Nivea or Biotique for pleading you to buy their products. The reason for my message is that I have seen a lot of people miss out on products which can help them just because of some trivial reason like their consistency and smell which in the first place should not be a criteria for judging the products. And, yes, I am partial to Nivea products because that is the only product which brings nostalgic memories of my childhood and also because it suits me better than others. 


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    Nivea Creme – I did a spot of impulse buying today and one of the items was a pot of Nivea Creme. I have used it many many times before and the main reason I have a pot with me tonight is that I remembered the smell and the luscious consistency. I use a moisturiser daily, but recently due to the severe drop in temperatures, my skin has started to feel a little drier than usual and I felt I needed something a little richer.

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