Ponds Face Washes

I have used two major products from Ponds till date. One was good and one was bad. So, lets get on with the one which is bad. 
Ponds Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam
The first thing which comes to my mind is this is a very expensive face wash. 175 INR for 100 gms. I bought it impulsively because I liked the packaging extremely. But, it is more of a hate now because the face wash is not getting over even after my using it daily. I have been using it since a really long time and I am bored now. An extremely small quantity is enough to cover the face and neck completely (it foams a lot and I mean really a lot !!) and the product goes a long way. But, it does nothing to my skin so I have no special reason to want it to stay forever. 
My first experience with the product was that wow, it really works. But, that was probably the only first reaction. Because, from the next day on, it really showed nothing. Instead, it really makes you wonder if the product is really worth it. It has extremely small beads which are supposed to be exfoliating but they are so small that you can not even feel them on your skin after application. It does make your skin extremely clean but then it is supposed to do at least that. It stings if it gets into the eyes. Frankly, I am disappointed with myself for buying it. I could have really got something which I wanted. So, it is like a big no no for me.
Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam
The company claims that the face wash would bring a pinkish glow on the face. I can safely say that it really does that. The product is really good for its price. I had bought it a long time back so I do not remember the price. But, the product is drying for people with dry skin so I guess it would be great for oily skin. Read the review of the same product by an oily skin person. It foams a lot so the product does go a long way. So, people looking for fair skin might want to try the product. Though, I would advise anyone to refrain from using whitening skin products as they have bleaching agents int hem which are harmful and drying for the skin in the long run. They do make your skin look aged when used for very long time.
Disclaimers: I have not been paid by anyone to do these reviews. These are my personal experiences.


  1. says

    hey , i’m currently using Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam, and i really like , yeah it does give the pinkish ting to your skin…im so in love with it…

  2. says

    @Beautydiva yeah…I agree too :)

    @Sharon Thanks :)

    @Bhumika oh.thanks for the info…pretty cheap na…gues will suit for only oily skin…..

    @ponnovium yeah…i do agree that it gives a pinkish tinge to the skin….

    @Rentu yeah…at least it does what it claims :)

    @Tanveer Thanks :) I read your review of the age miracle facial foam and would say it is not very different from the flawless white

  3. Anonymous says

    i’ve been a die hard fan of ponds,,, i’ve bought every new released products of pond’s but yeah,, it should have been labeled if it’s suitable for a dry or oily skin type like other products do,,, i’ve been expecting that it will give me not only flawless and radiant skin,, believe me it does BUT it’s making my face feels tight, flaky and dry,,, maybe this is just not for me,,,

  4. says

    yeah…I do agree with you on the efficacy of the products in giving radiant skin…even dark toned skin gets a pinkish tinge to it…but it makes the skin horribly tight afterward so it is better to shift to some other brand instead….

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